Have you ever been frustrated by trying to create a brochure or flier in Microsoft Word? To create your own great-looking marketing materials using Microsoft Word and Publisher, start with a template to give yourself a head start.


  1. Insert a picture from a file:
    • Hover over the Picture option inside the Insert menu, and then click From File.
    • Browse to locate the picture you want to insert.
    • Double-click the picture you want to insert.
    • Change the wrapping style of a picture. Change the wrapping syle of a picture to freely place it on the page and to layer it in front or behind others.

    • change the wrap style of a picture
    • Select the graphic you want to change.
    • Click picture in the Format menu. In the Format Picture dialog box, click the Layout tab.
    • Click "In front of text" as the wrapping style (click ‘None’ for Publisher), and then click OK. Move the graphic where you want.
  2. Select graphics placed behind other graphics.
    • Click the graphic on top and drag it out of the way to select the graphic behind.(Graphics used in the layout file may be layered on top of one another.) Or, change the layer order of the graphic by moving it forward or backward. (see instructions below).
  3. Move a graphic forward or backward.Layer graphics on top of one another to create artistic effects.
    1. Select the graphic you want to move forward or backward.
      • Word: On the Drawing toolbar, click Draw, point to Order, and then click Bring Forward, or Send Backward, or Bring to Front, or Send to Back.
      • Publisher: On the Arrange menu, point to Order, and then click Bring Forward, Send Backward, Bring to Front, or Send to Back.
  4. Create graphics files with transparent backgrounds. If a graphic you inserted has a colored background you’d like to be transparent, locate a different file format or convert the graphic to a format that supports transparent areas. (See tips)

  • In Words, pictures are inserted at the top left corner of the page. The picture may be hidden behind another graphic. To select the picture, move graphics on top out of the way and change its wrapping style. (see instructions below).
  • Graphic files that usually have transparent areas are vector: .eps, .emf, .wmf
  • Graphic files that do not have transparent areas are bitmap: .jpg, .tif, .bmp

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