It is very very unfortunate that Buhari didnt read the hand writing on the wall. Nuhu Ribadu was in heart a PDP stuge but ACN in the mind of unsuspecting Nigerians. To deny the fact that ACN didnt have any pact with Goodluck Jonathan and PDP is something that even a BLIND MAN can challenge. Can someone tell us the reason why PDP members were drafted to mediate between ACN & CPC alliance, all in an effort to make sure that it never worked. I have nothing against Dr. Goodluck Jonathan but the party from which he contested the election. It is obvious that people were sympathetic with him and that translated to the votes they casted for him and not his party.  Goodluck didnt promise anything to Nigerians and should not be judged should he fail to achieve anything within the 4 years he will be president.  But he owe alot to everyone who irrespective of the bad name his party (PDP) has created for itself for the past 12years it has been holding the presidency, to write his name in gold by keeping away from those criminals who will be hanging around the presidency now and open their mouth wide for appointments and contracts but try whatever he can to fix some of those things that Nigeria so badly needed like the electricity, security and corruption the little he can. A presidential plane was arranged for Tinubu to meet PDP officials and the presidency in Abuja to concretize the arrangement which they agreed so as to be part of the PDP government when Goodluck Jonathan is finally innaugurated come may 29. Nigerian politicians should not be trusted and i dont see the reason why innocent and hungry stricken Nigerians should lay down their lives for these thieves to continue looting what is remained of the Nigerian economy. Fellow progressives, lets not loose hope on Nigeria but we should continue to contribute in whatever means we can by sensitizing the Nigerian public on the need to believe in themselves and in Nigeria state hoping that one day, this country will rise again and become the nation that is the dream of everyone. God bless Nigeria!

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Comment by Rich Day Etefia on April 21, 2011 at 11:59am
What ACN did is equaly a political process. The opossitions should have expected that!
Comment by Bola Adepoju on April 19, 2011 at 11:56pm
My brother Anyabuike, let’s stop calling Dog a Monkey Ribadu and Buhari are hill prepared candidate to start with instead of having a clear strategic program to sell to the electorate the only thing the are selling is let wrestle power from PDP forgetting that no matter what you may think of PDP party not every electorate in Nigeria think exactly the way they do. #2 Ribadu does not have a political name recognition that can help him win in a contest with a sitting president. Buhari carry baggage of fundamentalist leader right or wrong and it is also wrong for anyone to belief that Nigeria electorate will just hate PDP party simply because you said so without showing me/them what you are going to do differently from the current party in power. Bola Tinubu is a fad that will go out of style very soon he is not body in the Western Nigeria political calculation. Fashola administrations is the eart bit of ACN in Nigeria. Also the unproductive terms of PDP governors (in Ogun, OYO and else where) fuel the criticisms of the party there so no pact with CAN and PDP you can imagine if they really have something different to offer the nation they don't need a gang-up/arrangy allaiance to contest. ACN, CPC and ANPP lost the election because they are un-able to convince enough electorate to vote for them

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