Acheiving Success When We Are Conditioned to Fail

With the birth of the internet, social media, and being  15 Minute Manifestation  connected globally we have come to expect that we can get information at the drop of a hat. In the past people would post a question on the internet and wait several days for a response. The lag time between looking for information and receiving the information has grown shorter and shorter as the internet has been around longer. Rather than posting a question online these days people simply search to find someone else who asked the same thing and read the answers they received.

We've even changed the way we shop. Now we can buy virtually everything on the internet, book and toys, food and clothes, etc. We don't have to wait for the old 6 to 8 weeks for shipping and handling, and now expect things overnight or with in a few days. As we come to expect nearly everything in life to be obtainable through minimum effort and quickly it follows that our expectations for the effort and time we must put into anything in life gets smaller. So why shouldn't success be quick and easy?

This is where people run into the major problem that causes them to fail. The principles behind success have not changed. It is still through providing and then delivering value to people that you will achieve success. This is something that you must always BUILD.

What happens to most people who decide to become a business owner or entrepreneur these days is they expect success to be fast and easy. If they don't see results from an action the first couple of times they do it, they tend to give up. No matter how hard you work, success online: web traffic, income, a following, just cannot be created in a few days. After a couple days they lose the motivation to continue without seeing results and they give up. They decide the idea is a failure and move onto the next thing someone tells them will work. But you wont make money simply by putting a few ads on a website. It's still about building traffic through great content, about over delivering, about learning constantly so you can continue to deliver great relevant content.

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