According to Pedrigan, the case has been transferred to NFL Coins the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office for trial. For the Davis arrest, the Green Bay Packers stated in a statement: "The team is already aware of this situation and is collecting more information related to this matter. As the matter is in the legal process The Packers team will no longer comment more on this."

Davis, 24, has played for the University of California Berkeley Golden Bears. In 2016, Davis was selected by the Packers team in the fifth round of the draft and became the team's number one kicker and kickback player. Last season, Davis scored an average of 12.0 yards per possession and rebounded, ranking third in the league. In the game against the Cleveland Browns on Dec. 10 last year, the Green Bayers made a 65-yard backstroke through Davis before they successfully scored and scored the game. Overtime. As a resident of the city of San Francisco, Davis will return to Green Bay next Monday to participate in the first collective event of the Packers offseason.

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