The past two decades has seen a resurrection of   Neuro 24 Review  so called "family values" portrayed aggressively in mass media, but upon further exploration the popular ideals of family values seem only to be based on presentation. A good example of a family values theme, would be a child being raised in a home with both biological parents, both of whom are financially resourceful, and mentally stable. As a therapist who works with troubled youths, I have come to discover that a primary source of the issues a significant number of my clients deal with have to do with their circumstances not conforming to perceived societal ideals. Be it an absent dad or mum, being orphaned, being adopted, being physically abused by parents or an adult, drug addiction in the family, and the list could go on.

Ideals are just what they are -ideals. Sometimes they are good intentioned and sometimes they are not, however they are never in tune with reality. This is because in real life, variables are not guaranteed to be constant. Childhood abuse is not the end of the world, neither is being abandoned by a biological parent or parents, or coming from a home with limited economic resources.

We as adults are responsible for carrying on these stagnant myths, in regards to the circumstances one should be raised in, in order for one's childhood to be determined to be healthy and fulfilling. Granted, there are preferred circumstances we all would have liked to be raised in, and for those who care, would like to see all youth raised in. It is actually healthy for people to pursue goals to change their situations, whether it's starting a family of your own or having and raising "X" amount of children. Goals are fine to pursue, just so long as they are not about hurting other human beings, and you pursue your goals with the understanding, that things are not guaranteed to go in your favor.

Flexibility is what we should be teaching our young people, to cope with challenges they encounter in their young lives. Flexibility involves being open minded, optimistic, and courageous to help create positive change in one's life. There is no normalcy, nor is there a specific life any one human being is entitled to experience. If I were to rewrite the principles of so called family values, I would rename them people values, with three primary themes, treating others like you would prefer to be treated, maintaining a positive sense of self, and being cognitively flexible.

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