A vote for Dr Goodluck Jonathan/Sambo is a vote for political-economic-social transformation of Nigeria.


Fellow Nigerians,  we should thank God almighty for his mercy over Nigeria, more particularly for a united Nigeria. Nigerians both at home and in the diaspora  would quite agree with this writer that the pre-1999 before we had our elections 12 years ago was perceived by Nigerians and the international community to be a debtor and pariah nation. This period  witnessed militocratic governments, corruption became endemic and fear was the other of the day. Human rights, the media and civil society organizations were stifle out . in short, Nigerians and the international community lost hope on Nigeria. Former president obasanjo won the 1999 April election though not perfect , brought stability by establishing quasi-government regulatory bodies like the EFCC headed by Nuhu Ribadu, now ACN presidential candidate in this year  2011 election and  ICPC to curtail  corruption. Former president Obasanjo also assembled the best brains like the Okonjo Iweala's, the El -Rufia's, the Akinyuli's, the soludo's to mention a few to move the nation forward. The consolidation process continues under our late progressive president Yar;Adua, who ensure the stabilty of Nigeria by granting  amnesty to our brothers and sisters from Niger Delta region   who are agitating for fairness in the distribution of the country's oil resources and  true federalism  in the country. By either providence or Luck, a product of the region in person of Dr Goodluck Jonathan  is now soliciting for Nigerians vote to continue the good work he is doing. Within the last eight months of president Goodluck/Sambo government, success have been recorded in domestic and foreign affairs.

Domestically, our manufacturing sector have been rescucitated, investment in education, Nigeria banks under mallam sanusi Lamido sanusi are among the best banks in the world and the international communty argues that  Nigeria economy is improving . Today, fuel scarcity is becoming a thing of the past and there has been tremendous improvement in the generation,distributon and distribution of electricity in the country and much will be done if president Goodluck/Sambo  is re-elected. Also, our railway industry is up and running . president Goodluck Jonathan's commitment to conduct  free ,fair and credible elections by Professor Jega ensure INEC is appropriately funded. Also, president Goodluck Jonathan ensure level playing field by not monopolising the NTA and allow oppositon parties to use the federal media for campaign purposes. what a considerate,fair and patriotic leader president Goodluck Jonathan is . A real pace setter and visionary leader.


On the foreign scene, Nigeria today is a member of the UN security council and president Goodluck Jonathan becomes the first president in the anal of Nigeria poltical history to swiftly evacuated Nigerians in the trouble political spots of countries like Egypt, Tunsia and Lbya. what a caring leader Nigeria has in person of President Goodluck Jonathan.


Today, democracy with its imperfections have been embraced by Nigerians both at home and in the diaspora ,Nigerians have decided  no turning back . our nation is at a turning point in her history , as electons are on hand to democratically elect the leaders of our country who would manage our human and natural resources in the next four years. Nigeria and Nigerian people need visionary, compassionate and decisive leader/s. We need a government with human face, A government with agenda for transformation, these President Goodluck Jonathan will provide if re-elected. What are president Goodluck Jonathan's mission ?.  His mssion among many are as follows:1. To transform Nigeria with radical agenda in governance through transparent leadership and popular involvement of its citizens 2. Create A new Modern Ngeria with an economc growth based on five keys areas  namely {a} industrial production {b} solid minerals development {c}oil sector reform {d} Agriculture {e} Expand the Knowledge -based services.

3. Effect drastic changes in the following sectors: power and infrastructure 4.Respect the supremacy of the will of the citizens as expressed in free and fair elections. 5. provide the much needed security. Nigerians both at home and in the diaspora condemned in its entirety the despicable manner the NYC students used by INEC as adhoc officials were murdered in  Niger state and  urge the federal government to bring the perpetrators of this heinous act to justice.


The new economy under presdent Goodluck Jonathan will make Nigeria join the league of 20 most industrialized nation by year 2020 and make Nigeria, Africa's economc power house. The president if re-elected, will create 15 million new jobs by 2020 ,lift 40 million people out of poverty by 2020, quadruple output in agriculture and allied industries by 2015, ensure optimum wealth creation and employment generation through the public-private-partnership economic policy of the government by 2020, increase Export trade {and protection of our local market}by double digits by 2015 and ensure Nigeria competiveness using Global Entrepreneurship monitor.


 On Agriculture, President Goodluck Jonathan/Sambo misson is to make Agriculture the new engine growth for our economy .Develop our capacity as a nation to increase our domestic food production,process agricultural raw materials,both for local industries and for export. What are the objectives?. The objectives are as follows:

1. Food surplus /lower retail food prices

2. Strategic food reserves

3. Increase rural/urban employment

4.increase export earnings

5 increase our Gross domestic Product {GDP}

6. Increase our production capacity per capita

7 Use technology to empower farmers in established shelterbelts and urban farmlands.


Fellow Nigerians, Nigeria as a country have come a long way, The country today have recorded some success and are faced with surmountable challenges. with president Goodluck/Sambo at the helm of affairs of the country, Nigeria will develop and be respected among comity of nations. without prejudice,let us vote Dr Goodluck Jonathan/Sambo a progressive and visionary leader{s}. Nigerians  have tried the rest, now let us vote the best in person of president Goodluck Jonathan/Sambo . God bless Nigeria and her good people.

Benjamin Ogbebulu, an administrator,political Scientist, PDP UK chapter organsing secretary and organising secretary, Presidential campaign council UK.He lives and work in England .

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