To most people my uncle was a very stern man. He worked as a clergy and took his call and life very seriously. He decided not to marry but work with God in his vineyard. His passion was his career and he dedicated most of his life to being the best he could be. Even though this is how most of the world saw him, my granduncle and I had a different relationship. I remember when I was a child he would visit our family home during festivity season and he would always spend time with us the younger ones in the extender family, asking to know our parents in the extended family. We would play with him and he will give us gifts which he brought for us. I could tell even at a young age that he really cared about us. My granduncle never had children of his own, due to the his decision to work for God which is part of the reason why I think that him and everyone he comes across became so close. I know that even though he chose not to have a family of his own, he cared a lot for his relatives and people he come across. The people that new him the best new that beyond his tough exterior there was an extremely loving and caring man. Surprisingly to many of you my uncle loved to tell jokes. You had to get him in the right mood and situation, but he could have you rolling on the floor laughing. I will miss spending time joking around with him and his positive attitude. I hope that I can work hard and be as successful as my uncle. When I have children I will be sure to tell them stories of my granduncle Rev. Bro. Richard and how influential he was in my life. I will miss you Rev.Bro. Richard and appreciate everything you taught us and all of the time we spent together. He always showed us how important it was to be honest, hardworking and to be there when needed. He emphasized the value of family and was a perfect example of how to act as a husband, father and grandfather. We are happy that we were able to get to know my granduncle so well and spend so much time with him; not everyone is so lucky. We will cherish all of the time we spent together and will always remember everything he taught us. we will miss my granduncle forever.

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