Thank you for the price you paid for my salvation.  I was going straight to hell but you saved me from the fire of hell and gave me a ticket to heaven. I thank you the Lamb of God who took away my sins and other people who have accepted your gift of salvation.


Over 2000 years ago, you were crucified on a cross in a place called Golgotha outside ancient Jerusalem. Crucifixion by the cross was designed by the Jews and approved by the Romans for executing the worst criminals.   You did not have to go to the cross but you went because of me. You did not have to suffer on the road to the cross but you did because of me. You did not have to shed your innocent blood but you did because of me. You were humiliated and ridiculed just because of me. You endured intolerable pain and suffering just because of me. Your side was pierced with a Roman spear just because of me. Your hands and feet were nailed to the cross just because of me.  You were despised, rejected and mocked just because of me.  For those few hours you were on the cross, you gradually bled to death just because of me.  Those who nailed you to the cross wanted you to die slowly so that you would suffer maximum pain in the process. As far as you were concerned, no price was too much to pay to give me the prize of eternal life. 


Before you came to the earth, the Almighty God had decreed that the soul that sinned should die. He had also said that the wages of sins was death (eternal separation from God). He had also said we had to keep all the Ten Commandments and other laws of Moses before we could have hope of eternal life. But you have fulfilled the demands of the law for us. And because I believe in your substitutionary work on the cross, I will no longer die for my sins. Since you have been punished and killed for my sins, I will not go hell because of them. I am free from sins because of your work on the cross. I am bound for heaven because of your work on the cross. Sin will never have dominion over me because of your death on the cross. I am declared righteous because of your substitutionary work on the cross. I am justified through your blood as if I had never sinned since I was born. Sin will never be a barrier between God and me. Thank you Jesus for paying the full price for my salvation.


You are very unique. You are the most respected, honored and adored person in history. You are brighter than the brightest, greater than the greatest, mightier than the mightiest, wiser than the wisest and smarter than the smartest. You can be known intimately yet you remain a mystery. People can know your ways yet your ways are past finding out. Kings seek counsel from you.  Governors worship you. Presidents of countries reference you. Professors serve you. Lawyers pray to you. Ordinary people love you. Carpenters, bricklayers, masons, gatemen, day laborers rejoice in the hope of eternal life you offer them. Once you save a person from his sins, you will keep from sin until he meets with you in heaven face to face. He will never lose his salvation (John 10:28). You give eternal life not a temporary life. If it can be lost, it is not eternal. A redeemed person can fall or even backslide but you will see to it that he is restored by your grace because you have sealed every believer with your Holy Spirit for redemption. Hallelujah to the Lamb of God.   


People who determined to erase your name and any reference to you in history failed woefully.  There was a man in England many years ago who vowed to destroy every copy of the Bible he could lay his hands upon. When he died, his home became a printing press for the Bible.  In spite of all attacks against your word, the Holy Bible, it has remained the most formidable book of all times.  Your word is the best seller of all times. Your word has changed and it is still changing drug dealers, felons, prostitutes, gamblers, murderers, atheists, polytheists and evil people for good once they come in contact with it. Your word is the traveler’s map, a path to my feet and a lamp in a darkened world.


We say you are the second person of the Trinity but that does not make you inferior to God the father. You are equal with the Father in essence, substance and form. You are the very God. Before you came to the earth, millions of angels in heaven adored you and did your biddings. You were worshipped by the heavenly beings 24/7. You lived in indescribable glory, grandeur and majesty. But you stripped yourself of all these and all the privileges of being God when you came to the earth in order to save me. You took upon yourself the nature of man. You were born by parents without social standing. You were born in a manger. You were homeless for the most part of your ministry on earth even though you were (and are) the Lord and God of everything.  What humility? What deprivation?  What love? I say thank you for everything.  I am so happy and blessed in you. If I don’t like my present home on earth, I can ask you at anytime to take me to my mansion in heaven. I am no longer afraid of physical death. I cannot recall the last time I pray against physical death. “To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord”, Paul says.  I am happy about this. You are a God of second, third, fourth and innumerable chances. I love you and I try to keep your commandments but sometimes I fall short. When your Spirit convicts me of wrongdoing, I sincerely repent and you always forgive me. Your hands are always wide open to receive me at all times regardless of whatever I do wrong once I tell you I am sorry. You are a loving father. I am proud of you.  I love you.



You are not a fiction as some people suppose. You are not an idea. You are not a hero in comic books like superman or batman or power rangers. Your power is real. Your influence is phenomenal. Your providence is global. You have raised the dead, opened blind eyes, made the lame to work and the deaf to hear not just in the Bible days but also in our own generation in various places. If it pleases you, you can heal the sick, cure cancer, blood and bone diseases in response to the prayers of the saints. You can replace missing or malfunctioning organs of a human body in response to prayers. If it pleases you, you can still physical storms, stop tornadoes, rebuke earthquakes, move mountains and fill valleys in response to prayers of the saints.  If it pleases you, you can make a pauper to become a king, a driver to be driven by a chauffeur, and a homeless to own an estate. You have protected and are still protecting those who trust in you from satanic attacks. You are omnipresent, omniscient, omni-everything.   


No one can escape from you. Anyone who hates you and refuses to surrender to you here will stand before you one day before the Great White Throne Judgment to be confined to hell. It will be too late to repent and give his/her life at the time. I thank you Lord for giving me the faith to believe in you for my salvation.  Lord, I ask you today to help other people who do not know you to come to the knowledge of your saving grace and believe in you.  Please Lord, knock on the door of every heart today and save lives as we remember your work on the cross during this Easter period. Thank you Lord.


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