A rocket racing car and football

European and American games are car shots. But this is not exactly the fault of the players, because for a long period of time, contrary to language barriers, quite a few Chinese players can understand roughly what they can even see. It's just a shotgun ball. But this "Rocket League" ... If you have such prejudice before Rocket League Crates, then this work will obviously not make this kind of prejudice much less, because the three lines of the gunball will itself be pressed on. Two.

Strictly speaking, "Rocket Alliance" actually has a previous one Rocket League Items. The predecessor’s name is very characteristic and is called “Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars”. The name is long and outrageous, but it can explain some features of the Rocket League. Frankly speaking, "Rocket Alliance" is a combination of a (rocket) racing car and football. Its background is set in the future, and the exact time is not considered. However, in this era, it is obvious that pure racing cars and pure football cannot. Meet human desire for fun again.

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