Very intresting... GIRLS! LADIES!! WOMEN!!! Women are a precious gift from God but there are some things that all men need to know. Women are by far the deeper and more powerful of the two sexes. No matter how strong a man thinks he is, he is like butter in the hands of a woman that he loves. It is only a woman that can carry a child for nine months and raise that child to adulthood and yet until the day that that woman dies only she will know the realfather of that child. Women aremore discerning than men, more calculating, more thoughtful, more spiritual, more loyal, and more disciplined and they can handle emotional pain and psychological torture far betterthan men. A woman can suffer trauma, deprivation, shame, sheer cruelty and beatings from a man and still stay with him simply for the sake of the children. A woman can do anything and take anything for, or from, a man that she truly loves. A woman can be the most vicious and dangerous of all God's creatures when she is hurt and scorned and when her love is not returned. A woman can kill a man that she has lived with all her life, simply because he never returned her love and a woman can kill for or die for a man who loves her and stands by her through thick and thin. If you are rich, pretend that youare poor to a woman and you will know her true nature. If you are poor, pretend that you are rich to a woman and you will know what she is really after. A woman that abandons a man when he is going through difficulties is not worth taking back when those challenges have been overcome. Beware of a woman's love, for at the slightest hurt, it can turn to hate. Women gossip and talk, yet a woman keeps deeper secrets than any man. When a woman says "no" she actually means "maybe" and when she says "maybe" she actually means "yes". You cannot policea woman or really know her movements for she can be the greatest deceiver: if she really wants to play, she will go ahead and play and no matter the efforts that her man makes, it is only by divine intervention that he will ever know. A woman is moved by touch whilst a man is moved by sight. A woman will die for her children and guard her home with all she has. A woman craves for security and commitment above all else and without these two she cannot truly be happy. A woman gives, a woman takes, a woman laughs, a woman cries, yet through all this only she alone knows what is really in her heart. A woman can heave and moan in the throes of orgasmic passion, yet deep down she feels nothing at all but pity and contempt for the lover that she is deceiving. A woman can lie still and say she feels nothing yet her heart trembles and races and her senses come alive and quiver deeply just at the sound and bythe touch of the man that she truly desires. That is a woman for you: they can be a snare or a blessing. They can bring joy or pain. They can wound or they can heal. They are a beautiful contradiction of love and hate and we men simply cannot live without them. A woman is irrepressable, unbeatable,unfa thomable, irresistible and unknowable and my advice to every man is to cherish her, to love her and to grant her, her hearts deepest desires. That is the secret to a woman's heart and what more is there to say, other than for us to admit that the woman is the true hero of our lives and to simply agree that we must appease and worship them and do all we can to keep those pretty smileson their beautiful yet dangerous faces. Who can stand the power of a woman???

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Comment by lovenaomi on April 18, 2013 at 11:06am


my name is miss Naomi female single never married ,i became interested when i saw your profile.please for more about me email me( [email protected] ),so that i will send you my picture,also i have good thing to share whit you,
thanks yours regard
( Naomi ).

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Comment by koya samuel olayinka on March 25, 2013 at 6:10pm

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