A Perfect Guide to Choosing The Best Nursing Home

Whether you are on the hunt for a nursing home for your spouse or partner, your parent, or yourself, the transition from living independently to a nursing home or assisted-living facility can understandably be terrifying. When you have grown accustomed all your life to living a certain way, without relying on help from others, some initial thoughts about moving into a nursing home can involve fear, embarrassment, sadness, or reluctance.

Finding and choosing a nursing home which is perfect for the needs of your loved one or yourself is the best way to conquer these negative feelings and put them behind you. Instead, finding the best facility of the many nursing homes in Los Angeles will empower you to move forward with your decision and find a new satisfaction with a living situation you are comfortable with.

Below are a few tips to keep in mind when determining which nursing home is perfect for you.

  • Visit each nursing home in consideration and examine the facility for cleanliness. While you are there, also take note of the staff’s friendliness—the same staff may be responsible for caring for you or your loved one in the near future! Additionally, observe the state of current residents. Whether or not the current residents are happy and well-groomed says a lot about a facility.

  • Check out the food! Ensure that it is palatable, visually appealing, and nutritious. Also, inquire about how often the menu changes to ensure that there is culinary variety. If you or your loved one has any particular dietary requirements, also check to make sure that options exist and are plentiful with these guidelines in mind.

  • Inquire about recreational activities available and tell the staff what hobbies are important to you or your loved one. Before moving into the nursing home, it is critical to make sure that there will be opportunities to pursue the things which bring joy, motivation, and satisfaction.

  • Understand the costs. While it can be difficult to prioritize monetary concerns when you would rather be considering options such as quality of life and staff qualification, considering the cost of each nursing home under consideration is essential. Meet with a staff member to discuss nursing home costs and speak with your insurance company to find out what is or is not covered for each facility.

  • Remember, always consider the needs of the individual who will be making the transition—it may be difficult, but try your best not to make decisions on behalf of your loved ones. Even if you are choosing what you think is best, it may not truly be best for them! Take an active role in the discussion, but if they are capable of making their own decisions, let them.

By keeping all of these things in mind and by being willing to ask questions, you will be well-equipped to make a decision about the best nursing home for you or your family member when visiting and considering nursing homes in Los Angeles.

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