Based on reports making waves, it seems President Goodluck Jonathan is going to get the mandate of majority of Nigerians to steer the ship of the Nation for the next 4years. One outstanding lesson from these elections so far is the way Nigerians displayed political maturity by voting for the candidates of their choice rather than voting along party line. I have no doubt that President Jonathan realises the degree of expectations placed on him by Nigerians. The task of rebuilding Nigeria is a huge one, in that regard President Jonathan cannot afford to fail. Nigerians are eager to put the period of Obasanjo behind, if possible erase his presidency from the psyche of the Nation. The people want a government that will put the interest of the Nation on top of their list of priority, every corrupt public official should be disgraced out of office and handed over to the appropraite authority for sanctions. We cannot continue to fold our hands and watch while corrupt politicians loot the treasury with reckless abandon. This election marks a turning point in the history of Nigeria, this tempo and enthusiasm must be sustained by the next government. A new dawn is here, history will not treat kindly any individual or group who betrays the hopes and confidence of the people of Nigeria.

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Comment by Francisca A. Johnson on April 18, 2011 at 8:10pm
Yes I agree with you and we must at this level start a new face of pray for him not to fail on his promises and he should continually seek God where and when he is confuse. We thank God for the victory at last.

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