Mr president, I congratulate you on your new post as the head of state of our country. It is with a warm and chareful heart that i have decided to send you this message given the circumstances that led to you being choosen to be the acting president of our country in lieu of the absence of President Yara' dua.

My message would be very short and not going to be ambiqueous for the simple fact that i am not a politician and do not intend to be one.

Let me also say that the views i am about to inform you is a personal view and may not be rooted alongside whatever that has been happening in the country in the time past because i have not sincerely been following Nigerian politics for sometime now.

Mr. President, i would like to say that Nigeria as a country is making progress contrary to the views of about 99.9% of the world population who have interest in Nigeria's developement. I would also admit to be among those insignificant fraction only because i have choosen all my life to be a positive person irrespectives of all odds.

We all understand it took America, UK, Canada, amongst other developed nations hundred's of years to get to the level they are today and we do not obviously expect a miracle over night just to be like them.But every mansion started with a bricks and not just bricks but the right bricks.As a president, we know and understand the task are overwhelming and mind troubling but some key things are the answer to your success. The a gender of the federal republic of Nigeria would be there staring at you and you are also required to work within the framework of the law, but as the saying goes, jack of all trade will obviuosly master none.

My message in summary is for you to look at all those key priorities and tackle them, but give great attention to POWER and EDUCATION and i will advice you my reasons to that.


Mr. president, Nigeria will continue to shrink as long as power supply is not regularised. As you know that the world has moved to the age that without electricity, the world itself is a mere thumb. Regular electricity amongst other positives will bring about real development which every goverment are working and striving to acheive. Common sense inform even an ignoramus that no real investor would dare to invest in a country with empoverished power supply assuming all other odds are manageably considered. Industrilization will only be there in the paper and will never come to effect in the absence of regular power supply. Now, i am talking about industrialization which seems a little far from us at the moment, can anyone see that that tailor man or woman at eke onuwa market in owerri cannot do without electricity or do you want me to reiterate on it's importance to human health. The need for constant electricity cannot be over emphesised an i know that those in power understood these things more than i do but, i'm yet to understand why it is soo hard to put a workable plan in place. Take for instance a country like cameroon which i have been to for a year and was astonished that there was no outage of electricity even for a day and someone may want to say but "cameroon is a small country to Nigeria", and the aswer would be yes it is, but do cameroon have upto one third of the resources we have in this country? and yet they are able to manage their power supply to that level of trust, therefore, we have no reason whatsoever to explain away the situation we all find ourselves.

Nigeria has this mind set or big idea of tackling big issues while forsaking the trivial things that are the real problems. The development we are all longing for is locked up in this none rocket science of managing our selves well which starts with electricity and watch how ripple effect it will have in all sectors of the economy.


Nigeria as a country has not been doing badly in area of education, but when i say education, i'm laying more emphasis on information and enlightment of the Nigerian populace. Obviuosly it is quite understood that is not everyone that will attend tertiary institution or it's like but there are basic information that are prerequisite to accomplishing good governance. As an environmentalist, let me use environmetal issues as a case study. In the UK and USA which i always use as my reference point, they do not have even one third of their citizens in the tertiary institution but there is this long aged perception that runs from generation to generation that it is unacceptable to drop any form of waste anywhere else aside for the rubish bin. As a result, all of their homes and cities are very clean. It is also unaccepteable to talk in a high pitch which constitutes a noise both in a market place and residential areas as opposed to the shouting and yelling we all get in Nigeria making everywhere very unpleasant to leave.

We as a country can at least acheive this things first by passing the necessary laws and enforcing it to the fullest at all times. This is not rocket science or technology to the moon. We need to be organised first and see how these small small things can change things and we need to do it now becaus these things take years to have effect. General Tunde Idiagbon,Al rofy, Achike Udenwa amongst others have this mind set but something more serious should be done to actualize things like these.

Now, Mr president, there are a number of reasons why i expect you to do well whether you are there for a month or a year.

  • Look at your name, Goodluck Jonathan. Names are divinly given by God via your parent's and is typical reflections of who you are, therefore, you must have to prove God and your parent's right.
  • At your age, wealth and past experiences, i do not see anything that will be important to you than name. We would be happy to see your name written alongside those head of states who have governed Nigeria in a remarkable manner.
  • Now, this is the interesting bit.The position you have acheived has not been given to that section of the country in several years and this therefore may serve as a litmus test. If you do well, the whole Nigerian populace would be forced to beleive in every sector in Nigeria an may eliminate the dogmatic rulership in Nigeria and chances are great that you will continue to rule even after fresh election in 2011.

In conclusion, i know there will be oppositions and distractors as do everything in life and i know as well that you have to work within the framework of the law, however, getting your priorities right will be key to your success. if you attempt to satisfy all as it is table out to you, you will not acheive anything at the end an will just add to the statistics of those who have ruled Nigeria and just pass on unto others and nothing more. Abasanjo will always be remembered for consolidation of the financial sector and that is develpment in that area. I do not expect you to acheive alot within this time frame but if you can sort the issue of electricity, Nigerian populace will not forget you in that respect. Other priorities may have to suffer for you to acheive this and that's ok as there should be price to pay.My message is very clear, target on one major thing or two, most importantly "regular power supply" and alot others will fall into place at the proper course of events.

To that effect, your nick name would be Mr president the "ELECTRIC MAN", with all due respect.

Godbless you,

Emmanuel Anyanwu.

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