Good day sir,

                    It is my prayer that Mr. president reads this, sir, I am convinced in my heart that if you read this, things will change, so this is my candid request and opinion on how I felt the face of things can be changed in this great country of ours. It is  a matter of fact that the April general elections is around the corner, and power will change hands again, it is also true that except God builds a house (this country), the laborers, laboreth in vain, but I pray that by his grace you will not labor in vain (Amen). Sir, it is a thing worthy of note that, if a father or parent leaves for his or her child (ren) a will, company, estates or a huge sum of money, and such parent fails to prepare the child (ren) for the unforeseen task and challenge in the future, such parent has only wasted such resources. To avoid such waste, such parent should have equipped and prepared the child for the task ahead. The situation of things in this country is trailing towards such dangerous part that might lead instead, of hope and greater gain, but to hopelessness, how? When the gates to most of the country’s universities are under lock and key for the past six (6) months, e.g. Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago iwoye. How then can the country improve in science, technology and Engineering which are the prime movers of all developed nations like the United Kingdom and America. It has never been heard of that, the University of Greenwich or university of Harvard are going on strike, God forbid, why? Then would God or Mr President un-forbid or just watch in our own case, sir, please intervene for the sake of the future of this great country. God bless you and NIGERIA.       

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