A Complete Guide On How To Download, Update And Fix Garmin Maps

When you are having a GPS device powered by Garmin the leaders of navigation and GPS device arena then be assured you are in best hands. However to make the best of Garmin GPS map updates on a timely basis is extremely important. This not only ensures in a high speed accurate navigability but also keeps the device from crashing down.

In case you are new in using Garmin maps and devices or missing out on few updates here’s a brief take on downloading, updating and fixing of Garmin GPS.

How to download Garmin maps updates

You can update your Garmin maps either after Download Garmin express or by accessing your my Garmin account.

The steps to download free Garmin map update by Garmin express software

  • Go to a reliable source on the web
  • Now download and install a compatible version of the software for your computer
  • Once downloaded launch Garmin express on your computer
  • Click on add a device option to add your GPS device from the home screen of your computer
  • Once you have plugged in your device follow the on-screen instructions
  • You can register your Garmin device using your email id which is an optional step
  • After your have successfully registered, use your credentials for Garmin express login and complete registration of your GPS device on the Garmin express software. Go to the apps dashboard and you will find all required software updates present. Download and install accordingly

The steps for Garmin map updates free download 2018 via myGarmin account are

  • Open the page of myGarmin account
  • In case you are opening for the first time fill-up the on-screen fields for creating an account
  • Once you have successfully logged in add your GPS device to it
  • On the home tab locate the registration button and click on it
  • Once you have successfully clicked follow the system instructions to complete the registration process
  • Now click on order now option present in the home tab for downloading the free updates
  • Click on the get free update option
  • On the next page hit the download now button
  • finally click the ‘next' button
  • And lastly click on the download option to download the file and save your file in a location easily accessible in the desktop.

Troubleshooting hacks

Although known for their error free services Garmin express not working comes as an error. Here are few common errors and fixes

  • When Garmin GPS not working on your Windows 10 or 8 or any other compatible operating system version make sure that you haven’t updated the windows version recently
  • In case you have updated uninstall Garmin express
  • For this go to control panel
  • Go to programs and functions and click on uninstall program link
  • Once you have successfully uninstalled scan the installer file.
  • In case you find the file is suspicious download Garmin express freshly from any secured source
  • In case you can’t download Garmin map update even after waiting for hours the issue must be with your computer’s security software
  • Disable all your security software and their party defenders temporarily
  • Also don’t forget to restart your device

If nothing works call experts for guidance.

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