1.Weak federal, state and local governments.2. Inconsistent national policies 3.Unchecked corruption at all
levels.4.Corrupt, weak and inneficient law enforcement agencies 5. Rampant fraud 6. Crime wave 7. Mass
unemployment 8.Unsafe roads. 9. Unchecked speeding,leading to unnecessary deaths. 10.Lack of quality
healthcare from adult to. prenatal. 11. High death rate of women during child birth. 12. Lack of meaningful
statical data. 13. Lack of research on prevailing health conditions-how, why and solutions. 14. Increase in
diseases previously foreign-cancer, blindness,etc.. 15. Fake drugs, resulting in deaths and 16. Increase in petty
theft and prostitution, as a result of unemployment.17. Low qulity of education- students buying certificates and
young girls forced to give away their bodies for passing grades, using threats of violence and actual violence
to obtain , All these unchecked. 18. Embezzlement of school funds and imposition of fees by institutions on
students, for personal gains. 19. Unchecked murders and street violence.20. Poor sanitary conditions
everywhere, spreading unnecessary diseases. 21.Lack of effective and regular power or energy supply.
22. Ethnic rivalry,violence and oppression. 23. High divorce rates 24. Poor transportation systems.
25.Dangerous use of motocycles for public transportation. 26.Lack of meaningful industrial,manufacturing base. 27. Proliferation of private hospitals-engaging in irresponsible surgeries and resulting in deaths.

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