A call on Islamic faithful to save there religion against Barbarians!!!

I believe that the recent genocide in Jos, Plateau state, which ofcourse is still fresh in the minds of us who still care & believe in being our brothers keepers is as a result of some 'Islamic groups' who still find themselves in the coven of an 'acade form of inferiority complex' not having confident in there religious believes that they can convert there prospects with mere words of conversion, hence, to forcefully maim, brutalise & kill defendless women with their infant kids in there mid-night sleep without any prior notification is totally unacceptable & to harm those who dont belong to there religious circuit becomes the only way to satisfy there degenerating acts, thus making them the worst cowards ever to surface planet Earth. Furthermore, they are trying to bring down the good names of those practising 'true Islam' to the mud. So i challenge the Islamic society of Nigeria & individuals who care to rise up and save its 'supposed good name' from crumbling to obscurity!

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