Life is a learning process for all no matter the age. My tutor always says that we keep learning till we die. We all have had different experiences years back, and most recently this year - 2009. Let's not allow all these waste. My experiences in life has taught me that the most little things we come accross usually have the greatest capacity when viewed in terms of results, and we tend to overlook them. To develop and better ourselves we must make positive use of what we learn and experience because this will rub-on others around us and in the long run affect our nation and world.

Making Resolutions is a phenomenon very familiar to most of us. Setting targets is of great importance to our personal development, but what really matters is living out our goals. Your targets must be realistic and attainable. Today being the last day of the year 2009 is a very spectacular day as this day a large number of people would take stock of their year 2009 and map out strategies to improve on their results in the year 2010.

There is a lot we can do to ensure a better year 2010 and among them is the following:
- Time management: Check how much time you spend daily in productive endeavours.
- Association: How healthy is your association with groups and people? What effects does it have on you and them?
- Attitude: to life and work.
- Direction: What's the aim and reason for your actions?
- Identity: Do you stand by your values or you just sway with the crowd?
-Effectiveness: Are you positively engaged? How often do you get positive results from your endeavours? Do you procastinate very often?

These are just a few of what affects us all. Please do remember that in as much as we are all humans, we are individually unique. Hence we all have a lot of factors that affect us individually. Therefore, we all must take time out to examine ourselves actively. The wise Philosopher$ Socrates, knew what he saw when he said "An unexamined life is not worth living".

I just thought I should share this little knowledge with you. Please make use of it because the wise man is not the one that has the greatest knowledge, but the one that uses his little knowledge to the fullest.

As we begin a new year - year 2010, I pray your lives be better than all you have lived and may all your days be blessed from this day onwards. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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