8 Things You Should Do After a Job Interview

Even if you think you got the job after a great interview or you were told that you’d hear something soon, there are some things you can do to set you apart from the other candidates and ensure that you are the front runner for the position. Each of these things will help increase the chances that you’ll get a second interview or even that you’ll be offered the job.

Interview Recap

Career specialist from Resumeble, online resume service - after the interview, spend a few minutes writing down any important information, such as questions you were asked and what answers you gave. You should also record any important information that was given to regarding the job so that if you do get a second interview, you can review what was talked about at the first one, so you’ll appear prepared and professional.

Talk to the Hiring Manager

As soon as possible after your interview, it’s a good idea to send the hiring manager an email. This gives you a professional appearance and makes a good first impression on the hiring team. Your email should include a summary of why you think the job is a good fit, provide any additional information you didn’t get a chance to share at the interview, and always end with an appreciation for taking the time to talk to you.

Connect Online

You don’t need to look like a stalker but connect with the interviewer on LinkedIn or a similar site. Even if you don’t get this job, you can make some professional connections that could land you the next job you interview for.

Let Your References Know

If you’ve provided references to the company, whether personal or professional, be sure to let them know that they might be getting a call regarding you and your fit for the position you interviewed for.

Ask About the Next Steps

At the close of the interview, ask what the process is going forward. That way you’ll have an idea of how long you’ll need to wait before you hear about the job. And you’ll also know what will be expected of you if the company moves forward with the hiring process.

Take Down Contact Information

Be sure you have the contact information for the interviewer and anyone else you meet before the interview. This will be handy for follow up and can help you reach out to other employers and connections within the company if you don’t get this job.

Send a Thank You Note

You’ll make a great impression if you take the time to send a note of thanks to the interviewer or interviewers. An email is a quick way to do this, but a handwritten note that you send via snail mail makes a longer lasting impact.

Be Patient

It can be hard to wait to hear back about a job. Once you’ve done everything else on this list, it’s time to sit back and relax while you wait for the phone call letting you know one way or the other.

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Comment by grom sereb on August 1, 2020 at 10:11pm

gotta zoom job interview tomorrow, i need to prepare (i will take tips here https://mrsimon.ai/prepare-for-a-job-interview-on-zoom/ ) otherwise i won't feel confident.

Comment by solomon mika on August 1, 2020 at 11:18am

Thanks for the advice. This is a difficult period. During the quarantine period, many companies closed their offices and moved to work online. Many employees were laid off. In such circumstances, it is difficult to find a new job

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