7 Ways To Beat Poverty Amid Bad Economy Period

7 Ways To Beat Poverty Amid Bad Economy Period 
Poverty or hard times no matter the synonymous name we give it the real meaning remains the same. It is no doubt that Nigeria presently is in her most difficult moment if not the worst ever in term of economy. Nigeria’s Economy is the debatable topic right now in the country; the standard of living has fallen whereas it has also affected the well being of many Nigerians. The cost of living in Nigeria has sky-rocketed beyond imagination. Many Nigerians have been expecting ‘change’ from this current government but it seems many people have lost patient with this administration because the promised change was never the one they are experiencing now. The change many Nigerians were expecting is positive change which will bring low cost of living, high standard of living and betterment of this country. The change so far witnessed by many Nigerians was hardship, sufferings, high cost of necessities, scarcity of food and other unfavourable conditions. Many Nigerians can’t endure this hardship anymore, it is hightime the real change promised by this administration came in order ease the hardship and sufferings.
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However, the economy would have been favourable a bit with money circulation if salary earners have been paying when due but it is unfortunately that many States can’t even these civil servants. Many Nigerians are working very hard and striving so hard in order to survive and sustain their lives. No salary for civil servants, the economy of this country has gotten another ministerial name called ‘recession’ and on daily basis things seem to be more complicating in this country. 

As I always say, no matter the condition there is surely a way out. That is, no matter how the degree of hardship, sufferings or be it the popularly branding name called economy recession we have to survive. I have read many posts on social media, forums and comment of many Nigerians on the current bad economy of this country; what I do tell my people is that survival is a must. I believe there is always a way to escape or overcome poverty in this country. Overcoming poverty in Nigeria is simple step despite the fact that many people think it is difficult unknowing to them that it is just a matter of proper orientation.
Therefore, many Nigerians mis-rank their order of preference, major in minor and also minor in major. That is, unnecessary things have been spent on while basic necessities are being ignored. I will now highlight some points I will call tips on how to overcome poverty in this economy recession period.

The following are the seven (7) tips or ways to beat poverty amid this economy recession period.

1.     1.  HAVE A PLAN

He who fails to plan will surely plan to fail. Before anything, kindly plan how you will manage your financial capacity. Your master plan will lead you through to avoid any negative variance or deviation. Planning is the first measure to be put in place before controlling comes in, that is, planning on what job, activity or exercise will be your source of income is very germane. At this moment, never put all your eggs in a single basket; you need not rely on a single source of income.


It is certain, small scale business requires no or little capital for start-up. Small scale business, I see it as the survival tool amid this economy recession. The misconception about small scale business is that you must have 100,000 naira as capital before you can start small business; I bet you there are many small businesses you can start with just 5,000 naira and earn your cool cash to sustain yourself at this worse situation Nigeria find herself. With small scale business, you don’t need to wait till you get alert of any monthly salary.

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Sincerely speaking, making money or flow of income is not the problem of some people despite the unfavourable economy in this country; the problem is the living extravagantly above your income. Many struggle and strive to make money but tend to forget the stress they have passed through to earn this money be it salaries or revenue from your small scale business. As said earlier, you should not major in minor while also not minor in major that is you have to avoid unnecessary spending. Know the unavoidable expenditure to incur and the avoidable that does not need your attention at all. If you can do that, then, I see your savings blooming with blue colour. This period is not the time to impress or spend money because you want to compete with someone; you need to spend money at this economy recession period because you want to survive.


It might look somehow to you that, you have to be stingy. Yes, I mean it my reader; you have to be stingy with your money at this economy recession period. Do not misquote me, I am not saying you should not share things with your family members, relatives, friends or neighbours but what I am saying is that you don’t just give money out because you want to win heart of some people, gain cheap popularity or just feel like doing it. Many boys give out money to people in front of ladies in order to impress such beautiful lady all in the name of love. My brother, don’t be deceived it is not called love at this economy recession period it is just extravagancy. The only moment I can advise you to give out money is when you see people that are sufferings then level down your stinginess.


At this moment with hardship everywhere in Nigeria, it is very important to discover yourself. Discover what talent you have gotten and make sure you manage it well for your betterment. You might know, everyone is blessed with at least one talent from Almighty God. Are you yet to discover your talent? It is hightime you discovered it now for your betterment at this economy recession period.


At this moment, you have to think less of free things, even in Freetown nothing is given for free. As said earlier that you must be stingy with your money not because of anything but the economy recession has called for that. However, same law applies here too; never always do things for people for free. Things if outsource or given to an expert or professional which will require such individual to pay then you don’t need to do it for free. Use your golden skills to make extra income to your revenue pool.



Information is power and light. Seek information at any moment and anywhere. In information you get opportunities to make you better. The fact that you are doing earning have stream line of income does not mean you should not look for alternative ways to add more sources to your income. I know seeking information will cost you nothing or little because the internet is there for you to access many opportunities.
Finally, I believe with these tips you can overcome this economy recession period and survive. Never wait for the government to change things for you; you have to start the change with you. Do not a lazy type, stand on your feet now and make yourself a better person with high standard of living. It is the moment to start using your brain, skills and hand to survive.

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