Not everyone understands how to make a relationship work. And that is why we have written down these 7 ultimate steps to teach you ways to build a stronger relationship. As you read through you will understand that building a relationship is easier than you think.


Below are the ultimate steps to building a good relationship in 2018:

Show love:  Love is the bedrock of any relationship. One of the mistakes we make is assuming that our partner already knows we love him or her. Show your partner just how much you love him or her- an unexpected hug behind the back, some romantic texts, showing up at the office with some flowers etc., are good ways to keep the chemistry flowing in a relationship. Regardless of how angry you may be, do not carry over a misunderstanding or quarrel to the next day. Straighten out your misunderstanding and settle your quarrel. Also remember love is not selfish, jealous or stingy.

Communicate: Communication is one of the driving forces of a relationship. Make it a habit to speak and keep in touch with your partner daily. Be free to talk and gist about anything with no restrictions. Learn to listen to each other when you have something to say and gradually, a bond is created. 

Trust: Trust is everything. You should be able to vouch for your partner- know what he/she is capable of.  When there is trust, you don’t have to worry anytime you see your partner with the opposite sex, or go through the humiliating task of reading through his/ her text messages. 

Time and attention: The greatest thing you can give to your partner is your time and undivided attention. Irrespective of school or workload, never fail to make out time to fully explore each other and find out your likes and dislikes, go out and have fun and enjoy each other’s company. In as much as a huge attention gap kills a relationship, excessive show of it can be quite irritating. You both have your lives to live and need some ‘me time’ once in a while. That should be respected.

 Gifts: Surprise your partner with gifts once in a while- A nice perfume, wristwatch, custom-made items etc. Buying a perfect gift all ties down to knowing your partner’s likes and dislikes and getting them what they have always wanted and something special they will cherish. 

Pray: The God factor is very vital in any relationship. Never forget to pray for your partner and commit your relationship into God’s hands. 

Engage in healthy arguments: This may sound weird but studies have proven that engaging in healthy arguments contribute immensely to the growth of a relationship. We all have our different beliefs and opinions and may not agree on certain levels. The only relationships where there are no arguments are the ones made up of pretenders. If you find this article interesting or you a suggestion, please make use of the comment box.

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