7 Tips To Pass Post UTME Exam For Any University In Nigeria

Nobody wants to fail in the Upcoming Post UTME, especially after passing JAMB and performing excellently in WAEC. But, there is always a price to pay if you want to succeed in anything.

You know what they used to say about Post UTME Exam being difficult? Yes, Post UTME is truly difficult but you can perform excellently if you follow these 7 tips.

Practice Post UTME past Questions
Practice they say makes perfection. This is true. I had the opportunity to go through FUTO and OAU post UTME past Questions from 2005 - 2015 only to realize that more than 200 Questions have been deliberately repeated more than Twice.
There was this particular Question about Diffusion of gases which keeps on being repeated almost every year in the chemistry section.

Here is the secret. if you practice, you get yourself familiar with these Question and better understand the pattern which these Question are set. On examination day, you would be able to answer most of the Question without much stress/thinking.

How to get the past question
We compiled POST UTME Past Question and answers from 2005 – 2015 ( remember, there was no Screening exam in 2016). You can order the Question as PDF or get it delivered to you via ITC courier service to any location across Nigeria by clicking on POST UTME Past Question Page or call 08100903440 for FUTO Post UTME past questions only.

Join Aspirant Groups

whether it is on Facebook, whatsapp or even Twitter. Creating a connection with other aspirants is very important and can help the easy flow of information.

A lot of people who had issues with their admission in the past could be attributed to lack of information which cost them their admission.

In 2014, we created FUTO aspirants group with the aim of helping aspirants and today we have more than 30,000 active members who share information and help each other out with difficult Questions. There are lots of Aspirant group on Facebook that can be beneficial to you as an Aspirant

You too can also be a member of that group. Don’t miss any vital information which may cost you your admission. Join FUTO aspirants’ group chat here. https://goo.gl/AFzcYd
Also, you can join our Online CBT Event on Facebook where we reward airtime to aspirants who participate in our CBT Test preparation here https://goo.gl/oXKrgh

Practice Post UTME Adovat Quiz
Maybe, you could be hearing about Adovat Quiz for the first time. It is an online CBT software used to practice Post UTME Questions. It features Questions from Physics, Chemistry, biology, Maths and English. It is exciting especially participating in the CBT and getting scored at the end of the Question in the most humorous way.

Weekly, we hold contest and give out prizes to Aspirants who performed excellently in the online CBT and hope to use this medium to make Aspirants familiar with what CBT Exam would look like.
Click here to Join Post UTME CBT/Quiz Community

Other Important tips which we may not be discussing in details include
Be careful while registering for Post UTME and avoid making mistakes
Make sure your WAEC/ O’level credentials are complete.
While you help yourself, ask God for help
Be present in the exam venue on time

Do you have any Question to ask?
I know you do. Kindly use the comment box, We promise to reply as quick as possible.

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