7 Things That Affect You and Your Life

7 Things That Affect You and Your Life

Recently, I stumbled upon a motivational website online where I read an article titled ‘5 Things That Affect You and Your Life’. It was a great piece of work by the publisher but I think the writer omitted two important points which will be analysed in this post. Living a life is sweet when things go well our ways. Nobody wants to live a rough or frustrating life. Life as said is sweet nevertheless the sweetness cannot be enjoyed without facing some challenges. These challenges come your ways to test your level of resilience and ability to resist any pressure. When challenges come our ways two things are surely to happen which tend to lead us to the result. The first thing is whoever faces the challenges and stays firm to overcome the challenges will enjoy the result after the challenges. The other option is, whoever runs away to stand firm to face the challenges then has thrown away the unseen benefits he or she should have enjoyed in the future.

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Setting goals you wish to achieve in life is very important. It is a fantastic skill you should learn and develop because it helps you to become an architect to design your future as you wish. A living soul without a goal will have no direction of life. Start today by setting goals of your wish and design plans to achieve your goals. Goals setting give you the opportunity to experience the power of your imagination. Imagination is nothing than your thinking. The level of your thinking determines your rate of your success because thinking is an indicator of success.

Furthermore, your thinking as an indicator of success can conquer anything if you are determined. Your thinking which brings out your imagination builds your career, draws a plan and shows you the direction to road of success. Many people have failed to use this powerful resource called ‘Imagination’. Use your imagination as a tool to build your life. So, you have to learn how to use the tool to set your goals which involves making your dream come into reality.

However, making our dreams come into reality will surely face some challenges. The challenges should be seen as things to make us stronger to pursue our goals. We should be glad and welcome our challenges.  It is obvious that, there are some main or basic things that affect all individuals, our goals and our lives as well. The following seven (7) things are the main things that affect our lives, our goals and our personalities.

The family as the primary home of any individual is also the primary thing that affects your dream. The imagination to conquer your challenges can be frustrated by family members. Your family members can help in achieving your goals but also your family is one of the problems you face in life. When your family members are not your problem then you are primarily blessed to succeed and achieve your goals. A journey without backing or support from any of your family members or such family members stand as obstacles and enemies of progress of your journey, it is certain it will surely affect your life and goals set to achieve.

Peer as an agent of change affects the journey of any individual. The effect of the peer group on a journey might be either positive or negative. Peer group plays major role in achieving any goal you wish to. A peer group with a positive mindset will have a positive impact in the course of you achieving your goals and makes your dream come into reality. You don’t need all your friends to achieve your goals. Achieving your goals doesn’t require everybody; it only requires few positive people and influencer to the course of your goals. It is very important to evaluate your friends or people you move around with which ones you should stay far away from if truly you want to make that your dream becomes a reality.

Your environment says a lot about your life. Environment dictates for many individuals which might hinder the pursuit of your dream. Don’t let your environment tells you what to do unless if the environment concurs with your plans and designs to achieve your goals. In addition, try to contribute as little as you can to make your environment suitable and better world for others. If everybody could contribute as little as a dime then the society would have been much better than this.

You might be amazed that knowledge is also one of the things that affect the journey of any life to achieve any objectives or goals. The knowledge is sincerely a big factor that affects any individuals in the course achieving your goals. We are affected by whatsoever we know or we don’t know at all. Being an illiterate compound the journey to achieve the targeted goals. Ignorance creates more problems. Ignorance kills the confidence and enthusiasms to achieve the goals. Ignorance is a disease which affects our goals and also the personality of the individual too.

Events as matter of fact are of the factors that affect the journey mercy to the glory land. To achieve success in life, human beings cannot avoid events either the one with a positive benefits or the other. It is now left for you to decide which of the one you want to attend. There are many events you attend in the course of achieving your goals. The events can be personal, national or global events. These events might be small or big ones but affect your journey sincerely.

The outcomes or results of activities we engage in affect our journey to achieve that goals set to achieve at a particular period. Results can be said to be products of challenges we face to make our dream becomes reality. No sweet story without bitter experiences or obstacles on that way. The results of all activities that affect the journey to the glory land can be personal results, social results or financial results. Certainly, you will face these results which might affect us or the goals we want achieve.

Finally, the main thing that primarily affects the journey is the dream. A man is created for a mission. You are created to accomplish a mission which is also referred to as your dream. A man without a dream is worthy to be called a living soul. Our dreams help us to plan and design many strategies or tactics to make our dreams come into realities. The dream is a vision of the future. The bigger your dream the bigger the challenges you face. Challenges affect life of any individual with a huge ambition. Dream makes you a visionary person and in other way also, it makes you a warrior to face battles of challenges or obstacles to make your dream come into reality.

Source: http://www.sabtrends.com/2016/07/Yourlife.html

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