7 Steps To Help You On How To Be More Masculine

Masculinity is the journey of a man’s life.  It is a summary of many factors in a man’s life. We sometimes confuse masculinity as huge muscles, sex appeal, or just a way of thinking. Masculinity is that which makes a man what he is – it allows him to exude his strength and intelligence. It is what makes women turn their heads. It subconsciously emits a desire to the opposite sex signaling that the man has perfect genes, which could also be another factor among many.

Being more masculine is an art that can be learned and applied. Steps had to be taken. So do not think you are alone if you think your masculinity can be improved. Life is a long process. A man should always evolve. People may say that it cannot be learned. Do not listen to those who  say that. Always remember that goals are there to be attained. And this article is here to support you in your goal to become more masculine.

Here are the steps to take in order to help you on your way to becoming a more masculine man:


Imitation can be a good start.

In your quest to become more masculine, finding someone as a role model can be a great thing. Make sure that you find a good role model who embodies not only the physical aspects of a real man but also the values. Try to observe their habits and gestures. Being a real man does not only refer to their build and physical aspect. The way they carry themselves, their gestures and their words can contribute largely to their masculinity. Notice the way alpha males always have open-gestures signaling their confidence. Confidence is a trait that masculine men have. Check your confidence. Are you confident enough? Do you have a lot of insecurities? Being comfortable in your own skin can help you have more comfortable gestures that signal masculinity.


Be responsible and assertive.

Masculine men are deemed by society as strong figures that deal with the adversities that life gives them. They do not shy away, shrink or run away from their responsibilities. Instead, they take pride in the reliability and strength that it entails being a person of responsibility. A masculine man is capable. And responsibility can be displayed in almost all aspects of our lives. If you are a  student facing the adversity of a difficult subject, do not run away from that class or teacher.

Prove that you are someone who can have the capacity to learn a difficult subject or skill because again, real men are capable. If you are a father or a husband, be the leader in your family. Support your family’s finances and take an active role in the budgeting of the household expenses or help in child-raising. If you are a boyfriend, be a mature and reliable partner to your significant other and show her that you are capable of being there when she needs you. If you are a single guy having a difficult task in the job, do not shrug and cry and think you cannot do it. Find a way to do it. Because a masculine man, in the end, will always be strong enough to face challenges and deal with it assertively.


Be healthy.

Masculine men do not have to look like Khal Drogo of the Game of Thrones but they do have to make sure they are in good health. We have mentioned earlier that a man needs to be capable. Just how can a man be capable if he is not healthy? Imagine a sickly guy, protecting his girlfriend; can he do that? Imagine a sick guy providing for his family; perhaps the money won’t be enough to pay for his meds. Imagine a weak guy having a good sex life; not likely. Being capable of providing, to help, to be a good support, to have a good sex drive requires a man to healthy. So exercise regularly to keep yourself in good shape.

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Don’t drink too much, it lowers your brain power and makes you weak, and a masculine man is not weak. Take healthy food to support yourself and supplements such as Tongkat Ali or Eurycoma longifolia extract that increase your testosterone levels, the hormone associated with masculinity. Taking good food, veggies, fruits, and superfood such and Tongkat Ali can help support your physical male aspect as well as support the sex drive that masculine man are abundant with. Weightlifting at least once or twice a week may help shape up the body and channel your inner and physical strength. If you have high body fat, considering dieting. Diet is not only for women; it is also for men to achieve their physical goals.

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