7 Best Tips and Ideas to Promote Your Blog Offline

While online marketing is the most obvious way to promote your blog, there are a number of great traditional methods that can also be used to grow your site. Here are 7 tips on how to promote your blog offline.

1. Go to the Press

When it comes to professional blogging, you hear a ton about guest posting. 

But you know what else is effective? Traditional media.

A well-written, well-placed article in a local magazine or newspaper can do a lot to get your blog noticed. Simply call up the editor and say you would love to write them articles in exchange for being able to mention you blog in the byline. 

“But they can’t click on a newspaper article!” you say. True, but thanks to smartphones they can easily look you up right then and there, or at the latest, when they get back home or to the office.

Even better, in the minds of your readers, having an article in the traditional press will give you an aura of credibility.  As long as your work is good, readers will remember you and look you up as soon as they can. 

There is a lot more to traditional media than print, of course. Radio is another great option and there are literally thousands of popular talk shows constantly looking for guests.  Just do a search for shows in your niche and offer to be a guest. Same goes of television – pitch yourself as an expert in your area and there is a good chance they will want to interview you. 

2. Teach a Class

Not do a webinar, teach a real life class.

Review your best and most popular work, there is a good chance you can convert them into compelling class topics. Even better, you can just look at your subject niche and teach a class based on that. 

The key is to locate a venue where you can effectively present your topic and fits into your schedule. Can you teach a 12-week course or would a one-off work better for you? Do you need to do a 4-hour seminar, or could you get what you need to be done in an hour? Give your local community college a call, they are often searching for new classes to offer, and if you can make the commitment, teaching one could be a great promotional tool for you.

If you are looking to do a 1 or 2-hour course, check out where workshops are offered. Libraries often offer lecture series classes, or you can contact a Rotary club and see if you can teach a class there. 

Also, some niches will give you a lot more options. For example, if you write about cooking, a local market or health food store might let you teach a class there. 

Whatever you end up doing, make sure you give the students 1 or 2 copies of relevant blog posts with your contact info and website on it.

3. Offer an Award

When you present an award in a given field, you are automatically perceived as an expert like the professionals at www.trustmypaper.com.

There are some different ways you can do this. You can simply announce the big winner or you can get your audience more involved by taking nominations. You could announce during a big party you throw, or through a well-staged press release.

The main thing is to have the award represent and reflect your brand. You want the award to appeal to everyone in your niche, but at the same time be intriguing enough so stand out from the pack. 

4. Hand Business Cards Out

I will admit it took me a while before the idea of using business cards dawned on me, but the truth is that you never know you are going to run into so you want to be ready. 

There is also an amazing psychological element to having business cards, your blog now feels like a tangible real world business and you find yourself noticing all sorts of opportunities to tell people about it that you never had before. 

Remember, you want your card design to include a tagline, logo, and all essential contact information. 

5. Check out A Pro Blogging Conference

Conferences are the ultimate place for the online and offline world of professional bloggers to converge.

So what goes on at blogging conventions?


Building contact networks, creating partnerships, getting offered gigs to guest post on big name blogs and even making some great new friends are all part of a blogging conference.

Remember, your offline goal is the same as the online one – to gain support. So be as useful and helpful as you can to the bloggers you meet and not only will they remember you, but there is a great chance they will want to work with you as well. 

One final thing on conference networking, you do not want to spend too much time on the biggest bloggers in your niche. Mid-level bloggers also have loyal followings and there is probably a better chance you will be able to strike a friendship or partnership with them. 

6. Hit a Conference that is not Focused on Blogging

Networking does not have to be just with other bloggers. You can connect with and gain potential readers by attending niche conferences that attract your target audience. 

Besides being new followers, the people you meet can be a great source for ideas. Spend a few days interacting with these people and you will wind up with a bunch of fresh ideas for blog posts and some killer new product ideas you cannot wait to get going on. You will also be shown the most cutting edge trends in your niche and be able to see firsthand what people think of them.

7. Donate Prizes

Donating a prize to an event or a silent auction is a great way to get your blog’s name out there.  When you donate a prize, you can be listed in the event’s program and on the website – you might even be named in the event’s press release. 

The thing to remember about this is that it is not the prizewinner you are looking to win over, you are doing this as a marketing tactic to gain brand recognition. So, you want to donate something that will help you accomplish that. Take a look at your site’s product list and think about what would interest people the most. 

Do not donate something you already offer for free on your site.n Give something that is valuable, exciting and meaningful. 

Also, if possible, attend the event. Mentioning to someone that you donated a door prize is a great way to spark a conversation and get a conversation going about your blog.  

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