50 worst and most common job interview mistakes

But there are tons of other job interview no-no's you may not have
thought of. Or that you've forgotten. The job hunting trail is long and
arduous, and a little refresher course can't hurt. So for your
edification and enjoyment, here are 50 (yes, 50!) of the worst and most
common job interview mistakes:

[See how to answer 10 tricky interview questions.]

1. Arriving late.

2. Arriving too early.

3. Lighting up a cigarette, or smelling like a cigarette.

4. Bad-mouthing your last boss.

5. Lying about your skills/experience/knowledge.

6. Wearing the wrong (for this workplace!) clothes.

7. Forgetting the name of the person you're interviewing with.

8. Wearing a ton of perfume or aftershave.

9. Wearing sunglasses.

10. Wearing a Bluetooth earpiece.

11. Failing to research the employer in advance.
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12. Failing to demonstrate enthusiasm.
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