5 Uses of Working with an Aerial Photographer in Dallas

One of the more overlooked areas of photography is aerial. However, aerial photography has many uses that range from mapping a landscape to creating beautiful works of art. So, it has practical and business applications in addition to aesthetic uses. If you are considering working with a Dallas aerial photographer, there are a few important things to know in terms of potential application. Here are five important uses to give you ideas for how you can partner with a professional aerial photographer.

Photographing Archeology from the Sky

While the vast majority of archeology is done on the ground and close-up, being able to photograph archeological sites from the air aids archeologists in locating things that just aren’t visible or easy to find on the ground. It allows them to explore from an entirely different vantage point, mapping locations, finding items once hidden under sand or water, and even plan digs to exploration routes that might otherwise be unsafe. This type of photography can also help document essential moments in history.

Environmental Changes

Aerial photography is a terrific way to research and document the effects of climate changes. This can include the filling up or drying of lakes and ponds, the flow of rivers, the impacts of dams, the reduction of rain forests, the study of soil, and even the behaviors of certain animals.

Geography and Real Estate

A professional Dallas aerial photographer can help document landscapes and geographical regions for the purpose of retail development or commercial and residential real estate. The North Texas area is one of the fastest-growing areas of the country. Being able to research the overall infrastructure of undeveloped and developed land can be an excellent benefit for designing architecture or surveying the natural elements such as rivers, ponds, and hills. This can help develop renderings for planned real estate.

Artistic Aerial Photographs

Aerial photography doesn’t have to be all about studies and mapping. It can be fun and artistic, creating some breathtaking photos. A Dallas aerial photographer can create unique images of the Dallas skyline, natural landscape, and resources, capture North Texas storms, or gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. A photographer will understand unique angles and be able to capture landscapes that only an experienced artist can accomplish. Not only that, but they will also understand how to edit aerial photos including cropping, color adjustment, saturation and other settings. The best aerial photographers are often commissioned to create these works of art.

Aerial Photography Helps Attract Tourism

One of the most effective ways to attract tourists to any location is beautiful aerial photography. These can be much more impactful than ground photography. Aerial photos can illustrate a wide landscape that communicates a vast amount of things to see and do. A Dallas aerial photographer will know the landscape, sightseeing areas, monuments and skyline that attract tourists from all over the world. The broad photography gives potential visitors a bigger sense of context and creates excitement to explore the entire area.

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