5 Types of Restaurants to Avoid on a First Date

The mood is perfect; the two of you have finally gotten together for a romantic dinner after endless emails, instant messages and phone calls. The music is soothing and building the passion you have felt since the very first time you connected on your favorite online dating site. You lean in to steal that all important first kiss, carefully dodging the candles and a glass of merlot, closer, ever closer you get, the moment is at hand, she is receptive as well, lips part in anticipation of the moment.  Its right about now that the pungent odor of Barbecue sauce overpowers the aroma of that perfume that aroused you so much just moments earlier, bits of meat that were stripped from the ribs she ordered yet didn’t quite make it past the spaces in her teeth dangled like those strands that hang down at one of those brushless carwashes. Yes, indeed, there is a lesson to be learned here, some foods should just not be eaten on a first date.

  1. Ribs and other Barbeque specialties are wonderful meals. They are fun, tasty but most are messy as all heck and usually dripping with some manner of sickly sweet sauce, which may actually be useful for a few other activities, but probably not on the first date.

  1. Certain seafood’s also fall into the category of foods one shouldn’t eat on a first date, not because they aren’t yummy, but the mess factor comes into play here too. Nothing signifies the start of a new and mature relationship better than a bib around your neck saying “I got Crabs at Crabby Jacks”? complete with drawn butter stains and various sections of crab and lobster anatomy. Lets not forget that holding hands after ripping through the guts of an unlucky crustacean is quite the turnoff. It should be noted that peel and eat shrimp are including in this section but not shrimp cocktail as those seem to come with their own little handle.


  1. Soups are another no-no for first date table fare. For the moment, lets forget about the slurping sounds many often make while consuming the steamy liquid, or the blowing to cool it off. OK, to some this may be considered foreplay, but seriously, have you ever noticed how weird some people look when eating soup?


  1. Mexican food is never a good first date choice as it is also a selection that may stick with you hours after the check has been paid and the lights are turned low. Mass quantities of cheese, refried beans and products made of crunchy tortilla shells will undoubtedly make a mess on your plate as they fall from your mouth or fork, but that bloated gassy feeling my cause you to produce a symphony of noises at inopportune times. Onions, Garlic and a myriad of spices are also something to think about.


  1. Finally, lets move on to a general favorite, Italian food, this is not so much as a general statement about this type of gastronomy, but more of the same as our Mexican issues with spicy and aroma filled foods that will wreak havoc with your breath. Spaghetti is the real culprit here, as there is absolutely no way to eat this food without bits of it hanging out of your mouth. No matter how hard you try, you will fight spaghetti to the last bite.


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