5 things about a developer's salary

Today I'll be sharing my thoughts on developer salary, so you can be prepared for it and not realize later that tech maybe isn't for you.


This may be unpopular, but I realized that money can't buy hapiness or health, or peace of mind. Now we all know that money doesn't equal joy, yet I always thought life would be perfect once I reached that milestone salary of 200k a year for those who didn't have money. By doing that, all my problems would be solved, and I would be happy as hell.

Tech is very competitive as well. I get the best health insurance, I can see the best doctors, and it isn't as expensive as it used to be. I realized that the more money you make, the more responsibilities you have. It doesn't make sense; the more money you make, the more problems you get. Now the pay is fantastic, right? You literally have nothing to worry about. You can save money to buy a house or a car. And even if these are considered luxuries, they are responsibilities, and if you're not ready for them, they take a toll on your personality and your health.


Job experience is GOLD when getting your developer salary to skyrocket. Experience is worth it, even if the manager is horrible. You need to commit to it cause, in the long run, the experience you take with you will gain you a far better job in a year or two years. After the right amount of experience, be smart and get the perfect job. Let the companies fight for you and get the best benefits. Find colleagues that you actually will enjoy working with daily. It's essential cause we live in a world where everyone works remotely now. People behave better than usual in an office, but when you go remote. Finding the right environment for you is more important than the income itself.


Everyone's fighting for these insane salaries. They work around 50 to 60 hours a week. The field is very competitive, and what I mean by that is that for the rest of your career, one thing that you'll continue doing until you retire is that you will continuously learn new technologies. I even started creating my own tutorials. It's a commitment to learn and be the best you can be. My salary will go up as I elevate my skill and learn to become a better leader, which is even more critical.


Burnout is real. In tech as a software engineer, front-end developer, back-end developer, machine learning, data scientist, whatever you want to call yourself. Burnout is very real. I know too many developers who work in tech who are burned out, but they have to continue to work because they need to support their families. We all work from home, and there isn't a clear separation between work and not work anymore because I use this desk in front of me, which I use for my personal life and work. Try to balance and separate your personal and work life as much as possible.


When you get three years, four years, five years of experience in tech. Please understand these opportunities will be limitless for you as long as you keep elevating your skill.

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