Instagram has been on a speed lane since it was bought by Facebook in 2012, it has become one of the best social media platforms that offer numerous and exciting features, keeping its subscribers permanently glued to their phones. Instagram has subscribers of up to 1 billion nearly a quarter of the world population.

With such a population subscribed to this amazing app, businesses have started tapping into the numerous marketing opportunities it offers.  Its a place where businesses engage their customers and even make new customers. You may wonder why do people find Instagram so interesting? Instagram is a place where stories are being told through images, videos, and live chats. A place where you engage your business with your followers, creating a bond that goes beyond marketing, it becomes a relationship.


Below are 5 reasons why you should incorporate Instagram to your marketing   This is one of the fastest and safest ways to increase your ROI.

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Visual marketing

There are several forms of carrying out marketing and advertisements, but one undeniable way to send your content to the core hearts of your audiences is through visual content. Fortunately, Instagram is built on a layout of sharing visual contents this has made it become one of the most effective marketing tools.

Instagram has one billion subscribers who are curious to see the latest content on their walls. Creating the right content will increase your chances of being seen on the platform, which means your following will increase. A good following can greatly affect your ROI positively.

Sponsored posts can expand your audience

What is more successful than facebook’s sponsored program is the one Instagram has, it has better results when it comes to recalling the ad and transforming viewers to followers which is what most brands require. On Instagram, sponsored posts come as relevant content on a page. When you run a sponsored post, people scrolling through their pages would see the post as something that is relevant and can be trusted so they Wouldnt have any problem in clicking the link. Large companies are the only users of Instagram paid ads at the moment but small business owners should take note of it and observe the power it possesses.     


It’s a goldmine to harness its feedback and insights

Every business needs to have a presence on social media platforms especially Instagram. Instagram offers where users can leave comments about how they feel about your product and services. A good marketer should harness this feedbacks and advise the company on how to improve on its product and services.


Conduct Market Research

You can conduct market analysis on Instagram which will give you an insight into the number of times a hashtag is used. Using the right hashtags is the easiest way to reach the right audience that is interested in your product, you will also learn which posts intrigue your followers, you can use such post to run your major marketing campaign. You can visit blog.iconosquare.com and getlevelten.com to learn more reasons you should use Instagram for your web marketing.

Easy marketing

Users are tired of the regular TV adverts and social media pop up ads, telling stories through Instagram is the best form of engaging with your followers. This is a great way of adding value to your followers without overwhelming them with too many promotional and they will happily share your content on their pages and to their friends without you asking.

Although it may not be easy to generate new followers, with the help of https://instagrowing.net/ you can buy organic followers to improve your ranking on Instagram.


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Comment by Addevice on September 24, 2021 at 12:34pm

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Comment by laly on May 27, 2020 at 9:13am

It is important to reach out to your Instagram audience precisely so that your content is interesting and useful to her - this rule applies to all social media marketing, it applies to Instagram. If the promotion of an Instagram account seems complicated and tedious, entrust it with Free Instagram promotion https://take-top.com/  and get the desired result in a short time and with minimal time and money.

Comment by laly on May 27, 2020 at 9:11am

The success of Instagram only confirms the hypothesis that niche demarcation is the future of the social media market. As Western marketers predicted, social networks begin to divide not only by the type of users, such as LinkedIn (for professional contacts), but also by the type of content, such as the “visuals” of Pinterest and Instagram. By the way, both of the latter are devoted exclusively to graphic content, but it was Instagram that became an amazing success story.

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