5 Most Effective Career Ladder Tips and Tricks

These days, a career ladder is far from what it was twenty years ago. Back in the good old days, bosses and managers would hire people and promote them up to a level of competence where their job was just difficult enough to keep the employee challenged. These days, many corporate climbers will switch jobs every three or four years and take a promoted position each time because internal promotions are less popular than ever. Think about it logically: if you were a manager and you had an employee that was great at his or her job, would you really want to promote that person and replace him or her with a less competent person?

Your Career Ladder Revolves Around Your Resume

These days, a career ladder is not about working your way up in a company. It is about building your resume. The cartoon strip Dilbert often makes jokes about engineers taking on impossible projects because it has a name that looks good on their resume. Working on your resume is not a bad idea. For example, if you want a career in hospitality management, you could have 2 years working for a call center to show you have telephone experience, you could work a year in a foreign summer camp to show you have entertainment experience, you could manage a small shop for a low wage three years for management experience, and meanwhile you can take short courses in college that look impressive on your resume, such as management fundamentals, marketing, hospitality, social care, etc. With a resume that looks like this, hospitality management companies will be walking over each to get at you.

Hard Working People Who Achieved Massive Success

 There are plenty of examples of people who have made a plan and followed through with hard work to make a success of their lives. The Napoleon Hill books are loaded with examples of people starting with nothing and achieving greatness. Here are three of our modern examples:


Arnold Schwarzenegger

[+] Mr Universe

[+] Highest Paid Actor

[+] Married A Kennedy

[+] State Senator

[+] Millionaire

This man has an insatiable urge to push through and endure whatever it takes to get what he wants. His iron-will has helped him achieve more in one lifetime than any man since Alexander the Great.


Judge Judy

[+] Prove that working hard gets you places

[+] Highest paid woman in American history

[+] Highest paid TV star in the world

[+] Proved that people can work well into their 70s

Oddly enough, she is the perfect example of how hard work and a bit of luck will get you far. Her theme was that whatever she did she did quickly and as efficiently as possible. She went from trying more cases than any other judge in family court, to the highest paid working woman in the world.


Donald Trump

[+] Turned Millions into Billions

[+] Proved that anybody can be president

[+] Overcame repeated failure without ever quitting

Whatever you think of Donald Trump, he is the personification of the true fact that never giving up is the key to success. This man has suffered more failure than any public figure in US history, and yet has managed to become a billionaire and a President of the second most powerful country in the world (after China).

Most Effective Career Ladder Tips and Tricks


1 - Use The J. Edgar Hoover's File Idea


Hoover achieved great power by collecting files on people. You can do it yourself to great effect. For example, you overhear your boss say that his or her mother died this time last year. Make a note of it in your files, and next year, you slap a concerned look on your face and ask your boss if his or her is okay because he or she looks a little upset. There are plenty of ways you can impress your boss and trip up your competitors if you keep a note of the things you hear and see. While adding to your files, you can work on your writing skills too. Try the 7 Effective Writing Techniques for Modern Professionals article to touch up your skills a little--you never know when it will come in useful.


2 - Suck Up


The staff members who suck up to the boss are usually hated by co-workers, but they always get the best perks. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, people have trouble seeing the difference between real and fake affection if it panders to their ego. Secondly, bosses pay attention to the people they see the most, and the office suck up always has a reason to talk to the boss (because the boss is a great conversationalist and the suck up needs his or her inspired leadership).


3 - Nag And Bully


Ask your boss for more hours once and he will consider it. Ask every three days for two months, and your boss will finally give you the hours. If you are outgoing enough and you have many friends at work, then you will be able to nag and bully your boss for promotions and raises. How is he or she going to justify firing somebody who was asking for more work and more opportunities?


4 - Leave For A Promotion


After you have had a few years doing your current job, and after you have become very good at it, start applying for other jobs that are one position above you. Get another job and take up a promoted position in another company. If your current role has no position above it, then consider a change of career. That is how many ex-professors end up writing for companies such as australianwritings - because they couldn’t move upwards, they changed their career into something where their qualifications were a big benefit.


5 - Sustained Success Is Mostly About What You Don’t Do


People who have been successful for many years are often able to maintain their success because they didn’t make any big screw ups. There are even successful people such as Donald Trump, who are so tenacious and hardworking that they can screw up and still be wildly successful, which is a great advert for being hard working and tenacious. However, you can make your life a lot easier if you don’t do the things listed here:


[-] Do not badmouth your job or coworkers on social media

[-] Do not start a relationship at work

[-] Do not take sick days*

[-] Do not be late for work or meetings

[-] Do not “let it go” if somebody else tries to saddle you with the blame**


* If you are sick, then get into work and tough it out. If you are genuinely irretrievably sick, then your boss will let you take it easy or send you home. No boss on the planet ever believes a person when they say they are sick--no matter how raspy the “sick” person makes their voice over the phone.


** Don’t hope it will go away. Become angry and start pointing fingers at the people who have pointed them at you. Make life as difficult as possible for the people who have tried to saddle you with the blame otherwise they will do it to you again and again.

Conclusion - Working Hard And Achieving Should Make You Happy


Working hard is not all you need. Everybody achieves success in his or her own way. The only rules that seem to apply to all is that you should work harder and faster than others, set your mind to something and push through the pain, and quitters only achievements are regret.

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