Pests are the most destructive creatures on this earth that nobody likes to have them around. But, unfortunately pests are everywhere. Be it your kitchen, garden, bedroom, restaurant, washroom or even in the parks pests can be found everywhere. They like to infest your home because of the things they need to survive is easily available at your home. But, this doesn’t mean you will have to survive with them in your own house. There are several tricks that can be used to get rid of any kind of pests.


There are many types of pests that like to stay in your house and nobody likes to see them around. Well, the reason behind them is not only they are nuisance but they also cause infectious disease. Here are the list of top 5 most commonly hated household pests: -



You know that cockroaches are related with food contamination. These pesky pests make us sick by contaminating our foods. The reason behind cockroaches coming to our houses is the cleanliness which we don’t maintain. If we will keep our house neat and clean and clutter-free.


You must know that cockroaches always love human foods. Sometimes while cooking the walls get stained with grease and oil, which attracts roaches as they feed on anything even on these grease. So, always clean the kitchen counter and walls after cooking.



Lizards are not harmful but it irks people. They are actually organic pest controllers who feed on other flying insects. They in fact help you to reduce insect infestation at house. But yet people never like to see the lizards crawling on their walls. In fact there croaking sounds at night irritate people.


During the DIY process of lizard eradication lizard tails can drop off. If you don’t want to scare your family members who are so afraid of lizards then immediately get rid of them by doing proper lizard control by calling professional pest control services in Delhi.

Bed bugs

Bedbugs feed on human blood and animals as well. They lurk in cracks and crevices so that they can easily reach to their hosts. Well, they are not know to transmit any serious disease or medical risk, but they cause itchy and unsightly bites. You will have to look very closely for apple-seed-size critters on your bed. But, if the bedbugs have infested your home or business they can be difficult to exterminate without the professional exterminator’s help.


Mosquitoes are not just an outdoor problem, but you are not safe from mosquitoes indoors also. They can easily fly and enter your house from minor gaps and holes. Mosquitoes are known for causing some deadly diseases and that’s why they considered as world’s most dangerous insect. To protect yourself from mosquito bites you should keep yourself covered by wearing full-sleeves and full pants. Also, you can use repellents when you are outdoor.


Termites are social insects that feed on wood. They can eat 24 hrs. Sometimes they are mistaken as white ants and carpenter ants. There are two types of termites that infest houses – swarmers and workers. To know whether termites have infested your house or not place your thumb or any exposed wooden areas and check if the wood crumbles. If yes, then there are high chances of termite infestation.


Well, there are many ways through which you can keep pests and insects out from your house. In fact, the DIYs are highly effective in killing and eliminating bugs from your place. You can use natural homemade remedies and also insecticides available at market. But, this would only help when the infestation is not severe.


Warning: Some actions of yours can make the situation even worse. For instance, DIY sprays not always work for all pests like ants. And it can also harm your health if not used as instructed by the manufacturer. Ant solution and prevention is just a call away, just call the expert pest control professionals and get rid of all types of pests and insects.

Contact a pest control specialist to resolve a pest worry

Early detection of pest issues can help you to get rid of them very easily. So, you should do pest control regularly at your home or you should call the pest control experts to inspect your house. They will check the types of pest infestation at your house and will suggest you the best treatment plan to get rid of them. So, reach out to the best Pest Control Services in your city today to get the best pest control treatment available.

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