5 lucrative online business skills for students

Millions of keywords were searched on Google, and several forums regarding online business students can engage and earn cool cash. The truth here is that the internet has given everyone with an internet-connected device and reputable digital skills an opportunity to make hundreds of thousands of dollars online, whether as a student, graduate self-employed, or unemployed.
As a student who just got admission into the university, I know there are lots of expenses involved, and you know, folding your hands and watching your parents or guidance footing all the bills is somehow dull, yeah.

This article aims to reveal legit online businesses for students or anyone seeking to earn residual income online. One can utilize countless business ideas online, but you should first consider, “What skill do I have to offer”?

Most students who understand the power of online business and probably earn a good amount of money offering their skills and expertise to clients at their own convenient time don’t need to stress themselves thinking of how to combine studies and jobs because the beauty of it is the flexibility it offers, i.e., they can work anywhere just with the aid of phone or laptop. This also makes them not bother about life after school or seeking employment. They might focus on expanding and building their online business empire more.

There are Millions of businesses that one can start up online. What should be your primary obligations in doing business online; Is knowing where you perfectly fit in, and your ability to withstand whatever bad or good comes from it.
Ready ??
Let’s go!
I would list and explain some of the legitimate online business ideas for undergraduates, graduates, and anyone interested.

1. Freelancing:
Many freelancing websites grant everyone an opportunity to offer their skills to millions of clients who need one service.
A freelancing job is one of the most accessible means to earn a high income. So far, you have something to offer, whether as a beginner or expert in your specific field.
Setting up an account is relatively easy and free, but the challenge is that you might get frustrated initially when you don’t get a response or messages from potential clients.
Here is a step to break this and lands a job fast as a freelancer:

  • Setup your freelancing profile and make sure it clearly defines the service you offer
  • Research keywords relevant to your niche and use them strategically in your gigs.
  • Add original images, videos, pdf’s of your previous projects and make it to be neat
  • Please don’t copy other people’s content but rather follow what they did and compose yours.
  • Please share it on social media when you set up your service page.
  • Join online communities that talk about what is relevant to your niche and contribute intelligently to its’s growth. They will see you as an authority, and you will see potential clients that would love to patronize you.
  • Ask friends or family to patronize your gig, and after that, they can write you a great review that will convince new clients.

If you remain consistent and deliver awesome projects, clients will start coming naturally, and encourage them to drop feedback after every successful delivery. Your profile will gradually rise and become most sought after because the freelancing website will value you and help position you to more customers.

Although this might make a student lose concentration in their studies, it’s not a problem. You can limit the number of jobs you can take or even set availability depending on the need.

A freelancer is a person that offers quality skills services online in exchange for money.
There are many services one can engage as a freelancer, such as content development, photography, digital marketing, web designing, graphics design, 3d modeling, software development, animations, voice translation, video editing, music and audio, business research etc.

So, where can I get jobs as a freelancer?
Freelancing Websites like fiverr.com,freelancers.com, upwork.com, etc., have undoubtedly made it easy for freelancers to interact with their clients without any glitches or meeting physical and hence help build trust in the sense that they serve as an escrow between buyers and sellers. The beautiful nature of these websites is that one can get any job from clients in different countries. The freelancing website handles everything for you when even when things go haywire. They take a 20 percent commission of whatever amount you bid for any job.

2. Affiliate Marketing:
Affiliate marketing is still one of the tops and hot in-demand online business ideas that enable millions of people to overcome financial challenges and earn passive income by being an affiliate with companies or brands. You can start this with small capital for tools and subscriptions.
As a student, how does this affiliate marketing thing helps?
Affiliate marketing means advertising or marketing businesses’ products and services to earn commission on successful sales. The beauty of this is that you don’t have to be in physical contact with the product, customer, or business you are affiliated.
Many websites offer affiliate marketing to individuals who are ready to market their products. This website has a system that enables you to track earnings and clicks so far that you adhere to their affiliate marketing policy.
Mainly products or subscription-driven websites like bluehost.com, namecheap.com, amazon.com, eBay.com,shopify.com, etc., are where you can get an affiliate marketing opportunity that pays you up to 5-20% of any products or services that clients bought through your affiliate ID. Apart from visiting those websites individually, affiliate network providers combine affiliates services from companies that partner with them. This is very easy to manage, and you can easily tailor what to promote according to your specific niche. 

So how can I register and start making money as an affiliate marketer?
If you follow the above steps, you can find businesses that can be their affiliate partner. Please be aware that you have to be niche specific such as whether you want to promote fashion wear, automobiles, digital products, software, equipment, etc.
There are various mediums by which you can promote your affiliate links, such as using a Facebook page, Blog, Forums, and landing pages, Email marketing, Youtube, or easily referring people to purchase products from the company you are affiliating using your affiliate link and you will earn commission on successful purchase.
Before I conclude this section, I would love you to learn that conquering affiliate marketing and earning thousands to millions of dollars requires consistency and, importantly, your content development strategy and marketing skills. Trust me; you need unique content to promote affiliate links, and be aware that it must be niche-specific. This content can be either video, textual, podcast, etc.

Let me give you an example of how I do mine as a tourism blogger:
I’m researching my next blog post on the keyword “Best destination to spend winter holidays,” and possibly I’m affiliating with a traveling agency. I will write unique and highly captivating content that clearly illustrates why those destinations are the best. This includes providing information regarding travel requirements, foods, cultures, attractions, or anything that makes one goal better than the other by using quality videos or images of those destinations. You should notice by the time your visitors are reading those contents; they might be interested in visiting those places for their following winter holidays or vacation. So the trick here is to attach your affiliate link of the travel agency you are working with inside your content, and they will handle it from there. The beauty of this is that you can become a travel consultant or expert in recommendations for companies or individuals.

3. Dropshipping:
Dropshipping is the minor side of e-commerce because you don’t keep inventories or possibly process orders. Still, the most remarkable thing here is that you can display available products from your suppliers and set your prices x2 -x50 above the original price. Customers will make an order from your website, and you must track those orders and then forward them to suppliers along with the actual prices attached to the products. I know you must be confused, especially as a student, because you have to be available to fulfill customer orders, but don’t worry; Shopify, one of the leading dropshipping platforms, handles all this for you. You must do your part, running Facebook ads and content marketing to drive traffic and sales to your website.
Dropshipping and Affiliate marketing is one of the simple, less costly, and also flexible means of earning passive income as a student. Platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, etc., offer advanced solutions and tools that automate this process, including payments, order fulfillment, and promotion. You don’t have to overwork yourself as a student. The only tricky part is setting up and attracting customers.

4. Online ebook publishing:
As I said earlier in this article, there are so many online business ideas for students who want to make legit money online.
Do you enjoy writing stories, poems, editorials, documentaries, tutorials, etc.? Now this section is for you.
The deal is that you can reach more readers who will patronize yours publishes more quickly online than you physically. If your book is very enticing, people will surely buy it, and you will make fast sales and generate passive income from the sales.
There are many websites where one can signup as an author or reader and upload ebooks in .docs format. They will handle the publishing for you and make it available in different designs and downloadable for anyone with a link to the book. These websites have an option to set the price of your books and also agree on the percentage commission they take from each sale you make through their site. They do this free without you paying a dime and help market your Published Ebooks to their Visitors spread all over the world, and you make your money without any stress.
These websites are Lulu.com, Kindle EBooks publishing, books.google.com, smarshwords.com, payship.Com,click2sell.com,booktango.com,myebook.com,clickbank.com,ebookit.com,ebookmail.com,Tradebit.com,Blurb.com, etc.

5. Social media manager or marketer:
Let’s take on social media, firstly, one may ask if social media is part of online business ideas for students, and the answer is a big “YES.”
There are numerous opportunities to earn excellent cash on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
Do you have skills in writing controversial, critical, creative, or storytelling content that can keep people engaged and make them keep screaming for more? You can easily pull active followers to your social media page and turn them into potential customers.
Companies, individuals, gov’t, and org need talented individuals who will be their social media managers, marketer, or influencer. Suppose you are good at developing creative and engaging content that adds value to the online community and can also trend. In that case, you can be employed or contracted by individuals or companies that want you to be their social media page handler or their marketer. You can make hundreds to thousands of dollars, and the most remarkable thing is that you can manage social media pages for many companies or businesses at once.

I will wrap up this article here, and I encourage every undergraduate and young graduate who needs legit online business ideas to make good use of the information I have carefully poured out in this article.

Article source: Ambrookon.com

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