5 Healthy Snacks to Be Taken Along While Moving

While you are all prepared to pack and move your goods, you must be thinking of some quick foods that you can carry along with you. For the journey to your new home, you would be needing healthy, small snacks that keeps you both light yet full. Below discussed are some of the snack items that you can try preparing and carry along with you during relocation.

  1. Fruit cups- Preparing fruit cups in advance is the best snack that you can take along with you. All you have to do is to mix some fruits into a salad and you might add cream. If you are adding cream to it then make sure that you consume these fruit cups only after a short time of their preparation, as the cream might get sour. If you have choosy eaters then you might choose specific fruits accordingly.
  2. Rolls and wraps- These ones are just easy to carry. All you have to do is to throw in your favorite vegetables after saucing them up and just make a roll. You can sprinkle your favorite spices like pepper, salt and others over it to pep up the overall taste.
  3. Granola bars- This would be the best choice for your kids on your way to new home. You can keep in some granola bars handy, as they are not only full of nutrition but will also keep you full for a longer period of time. You can just give the label of nutritional fact a read, so that you are sure of what grains are going into your system.
  4. Muffins- Who doesn’t like muffins? Your kids will be all happy to binge upon muffins when they feel bored and tired in the journey. You can buy chocolate muffins or if you are making it yourself, you may also add some veggies and fruits to add a healthy element to it.
  5. Salad fixings- How about making a fresh salad for your family? Just throw in some fresh vegetables, peppers, tomatoes, lemons, berries and other fruits that you and your kids like. It will be one of the healthiest foods that you can ever carry while moving.

Besides this, you can think of your own recipes and prepare the dishes as per the choice and taste of your family. Just remember to get everything prepared before the packers and movers in Pune arrive!

Author Bio- Sunita is a writer having active interest in the packer and mover industry for over 20 years. She writes informative articles which helps people to select the best packers and movers charges and beware of fake ones. Read more moving tips here: www.movingsolutions.in

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