5 Benefits of Texting for Business That You Desperately Need

Even in 2019, texting for business is a fairly new concept considering the fact that it is the most popular channel for personal communication. Still, there are certain benefits of texting for a business that everyone can enjoy. Being efficient, engaging, personal and preferred by customers are characteristics that any business leader would be proud of.

Texting for business can introduce all of these respectable traits and more into the heart of your organization. Here are 5 benefits of texting for a business that you desperately need for the future;

1. Texting for business helps you be faster than your competition.

As a business, you should want to overtake your competitors or at the very least keep up with them. Most of the business in the market usually goes to the vendor who responds first. Consumers usually shop around when they are looking for a new product or service and usually, almost 50 percent of them go with the first business that engages with them. So, it doesn’t matter if you offer a better product or price, you may still lose your opportunities to whoever is faster. This is where texting for business helps you be faster than your competition because it is by far the quickest way to communicate. Most texts are read in a few seconds on being sent and are generally responded to in around 90 seconds. On the other hand, you are lucky if someone picks up a sales call in 2019 or reads your email before at least a few hours. Texting isn’t meant to replace any of these mediums but rather to initiate the communication quickly and concisely before any detailed engagement.

2. Texting personalizes your business.

People have feelings, emotions, stress and goal which means that they don’t normally enjoy being part of a process or check point. Texting is way more personal that people give it credit. Most emails we open everyday are related to sales of marketing. The same goes for calls which are mostly from salesmen. Now think about the text messages you receive on the daily basis. We can bet that most of the texts you send and receive are to and from your friends, family or colleagues. This places businesses right next to friends and family as texting is one of the more personal things people do on a daily basis. There is no denying that people tend to work with and thing better of everyone they have a relationship with which is why texting can boost your customer relationships by helping your become more personal.

3. Texting for business reasons makes you more convenient.

One thing most if not all consumers in the last century are obsessed with is convenience. Optimization of conventional technology has perhaps been our greatest achievement. Look at the fast food industry or online banking. We buy our products and services based on how close the business is with us physically, or functional their website is. We choose our jobs, houses, schools and other places based on the distance from us. The same way, businesses have made texting convenient for themselves as well. Its not like they have hundreds of employees sitting at work texting with customers. They have found a way to automate the process with SMS gateways allowing them to connect their websites or software applications.

4. Texting makes your business more appealing.

Everybody texts! This makes texting a staple for personal communication. As a business, you definitely have products or services that cater to a specific target audience. However, there is always more than one target audience and texting can help you find them. With the ability to personalize your messages, you can sell the same product or service to a different group of people by breaking down your database. This means categorizing them according to gender, age, location, preferences, purchase history and many other relevant factors.

5. Texting makes your business fully mobile.

The world today is dominated by millennials who are always on the go and always doing something. They spend hours on their phones checking their emails, social media, texting and accessing tons of other apps. So much so that cellphones have become an all-in-one device to cater our entertainment, work and communication needs. So, having a dope website or social media page is no big deal as it is expected in the modern era. Businesses are now expected to be as mobile as people are likely mobile-first, and texting is an essential piece of that puzzle.

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