Religious tolerance, key to united, peaceful Nigeria – APC Chieftain

Dr Vitalis Orikeze-Ajumbe, former ANPP Chairman in Imo and Chieftain of APC has said that religious tolerance was key to Nigeria’s unity and prosperity.

Ajumbe told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Wednesday that both Christians and Muslims were united by the worship of one God.

He said that only collaboration between the two major religions in the country could usher in a stable polity.

“Both Christians and Muslims are worshipping the living God; I don’t know why there is misunderstanding.

“They are supposed to work together for the unity and progress of Nigeria because they have one spiritual objective,” Orikeze-Ajumbe said.

The APC chieftain explained that Nigeria was a great nation endowed with human and natural resources capable of repositioning the country in the map of global greatness.

Orikeze-Ajumbe called on adherents of both religions to close their ranks and develop the nation’s potentials.

The former ANPP chairman emphasised the urgent need for both religions to work in synergy for the political and economic stability of the country.


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