350 games may not have much influence

Can play for Manchester City for 350 games, David Silva has one of the best players in the history of the team. In fact, in the starting 11 of Manchester City, David Silva has the oldest qualification. He joined the Blue Moon in 2010 and has been playing for 8 years. He is also second only to Conpa in the current Manchester City players. Nie (10 years), is also an important figure to witness and create the rise of Manchester City in the Premier League, three times the Premier League won, after Manjo, Pe Gong, Gua Shuai three coaches, and can enjoy three Premier League champions, active players only There are only three of Silva, Kompany and Aguero https://www.lolga.com.

350 games may not have much influence and intervention for Silva himself, but he is supporting his own super fan. When the 102-year-old grandmother Cohen enters the stadium, he can understand that Silva will do his best. . The same is true. Silva once again performed the function of the perfect commander. In the 36th minute, Silva made a subtle silence for Sane. Unfortunately, the latter shot off. In the 41st minute, Silva showed his exquisite footwork again. Tear open the gap to FIFA 19 Coins pass the pass, but the latter's door is blocked again..

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