3 Vital Things to Think About When Buying Botanical Skin Care

Botanical skin care can do wonders for your skin, XYZ Smart Collagen  there is an abundance of plants and botanicals that are beneficial and help improve the skin. But it is mistake to assume that all botanical skin care products are useful.

Some of them can do more harm than good, so before you pick any product ask the following questions.

1. Is it Completely Natural

Botanical ingredients work best with other natural ingredients, so to get the best results look for a 100% natural product.

That means you should avoid synthetic ingredients, chemical preservatives and fillers like parabens, ureas, dioxanes, mineral oil, sulfates etc.

2. Are the Ingredients Proven Effective

When the ingredients have gone through clinical tests with volunteers and have gotten great results you can be pretty sure they are effective. This also shows they are completely safe.

3. Is There Enough of the Beneficial Ingredients

Some companies want to make us believe they have effective products by putting the names of beneficial ingredients on the product labels but putting too small amounts of them into the actual product.


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