24 Home Remedies For Hearing Loss And Deafness

The causes for a diminished sense of hearing can be split into two main categories. In the first category, we have aging, which is almost unavoidable as our bodies get old and our senses get dimmer. This applies to almost all people from every social category, and it has nothing to do with malnutrition. The condition is named presbycusis, and it can be corrected through hearing aids and cochlear implants. The costs may vary depending on the country that you live in, but they are usually affordable.

In the second category for hearing damage, we have ailments and trauma. If ear wax is neglected, it may come back to bite you. We have already discussed the need to clean your ears, and that ear wax should not be eliminated entirely. We rely on its viscous nature to trap foreign particles and keep them from damaging our ears. But what if those foreign bodies are actually pathogens? They may even be small pieces of organic matter and as we know, organic matter tends to decompose and attract microorganisms. Regardless of what is involved, wax may stagnate in the deeper parts of our exterior auditory canal, leading to an infection.


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