22 African Start-ups have been Selected for the Office Hours Program

Twenty two African start-up companies have now been chosen for the Office Hours programme which is being run by the London-based company Wimbart. They offer a huge range of webinars and they also offer mentorship to try and give African tech companies the PR tools they need. They also help them to achieve their business goals too. Of course, they are doing everything they can to help companies who are struggling during this time and they are also trying to offer support to those who need it the most. It is this level of dedication that helps them to really excel and it also gives them the chance to get access to support that would have otherwise been unavailable.

Disrupt Africa

Disrupt Africa have reported that Wimbart who are an independent agency who specialise in the emerging markets in Africa have launched their Office Hours. Through this, they hope to try and build a much bigger understanding of how PR and communications happen, while also trying to make sure that they do everything they can to plan and grow the business as much as possible. They want to help others to realise the scale at which they can develop and this is going to mean major things for the market. Of course, tech really has come so far in the last few years and it is incredible to see how much it has changed the market too. Now for example, you can play rock paper scissors online at Mansion and you can also have apps which connect you to all of your other devices too. All these launches have come to light because of the hard work that start-up companies have put in over the years.

The Start-ups

22 techstart-ups have been chosen to try and take part and they have now been given the chance to take part in a webinar. They are also going to be partaking in a Q&A as well. This is going to be done with the founder of Wimbart and the manager as well. Jessica Hope is going to be taking part and she works quite high up in the company. As if that wasn’t enough, there are also going to be one-on-one sessions and when this happens, each company will be able to dive deep into the challenges that are being faced and they are also going to be able to answer questions which relate to their overall business needs too.

Kenyan Start-ups

It should be noted that two Kenyan start-ups are also being given the chance to take part. They include Growd Global and even Ecodudu as well. There are another two from Ghana as well. These include Reaval and GeoAdvantage. You also have Doctor 4 Africa as well. Another version of the start-up Africa is going to be launched in the coming years as well, so it is important to keep this in mind as much as possible. Only time will tell what the future holds but right now- it’s looking bright.

Tech start-ups can now access the support which they need with far more efficiency; additionally, they feel increased confidence knowing that they have access to a huge amount of funding if required.

 That being said, some more work still needs to be done because this amount of support is not available to every type of business. There are some industries that are lacking and this needs to be addressed as soon as possible in order for positive changes to be made.

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