2016/2016 WAEC Specimen - Biology, Chemistry, Agric...

The 2016/2017 Waec Specimen has now been posted on the mywaec blog.


specimen A: Born specimen
specimen B: Horn
specimen C: Hoof
specimen D: Water (labelled)
specimen E: Cow pea seeds
specimen F: Tridax
specimen G: Goat weed specimen H: Sida
specimen I: spear grass
specimen J: Elephant grass
specimen K: . pig weed

Click Here to View the Complete Agric Specimen


specimen A: twig of mango plant
plant specimen B: twig of ixora plant
specimen C: leaf of Hibiscus plant
specimen D: hibiscus flower
specimen E: green vegetable cut beef
specimen F: a piece of freshly cut beef .
specimen G: worker bee (wet preserved)
specimen H: soldier termite (wet preserved)
specimen J: adult cockroach(wet preserved)
specimen K: nymph of cockroach (wet preserved

Click Here to View the Complete BIOLOGY Specimen

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