I think the statement credited to Asari Dokubo and the subsequent reply by the Northern Elders Forum is uncalled for. GEJ did not win the election by threats of violence, he was mmsssively voted for, for s period of one term, for him to be re-elected for a second tenure which is constitutional. we are running democracy where Service delivery and the votes of the people decide. moreso, if GEJ could complete his divine mission in one term and stepped aside peacefully and be like the great Nelson Mandela, don't you think its far honourable than some who ruled this country for a period of between 3 to 9 years and left confussion in the land. Gen. Abacha was begged to down, he refused and deployed our nations wealth to deal with anybody he perceived to be his enemy - he died on the throne. I still believed in this country, let's stop this war of words and criticize/Assess GEJ constructively.

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