As the general elections in Nigeria approach, a lot of Christians in Nigerian are wondering who to vote for. The question been asked is:


  1. Should one vote for a non performing Christian who has stayed in power for nearly 6 years and has nothing to show for it? or
  2. Vote a Muslim man that have in the past supported extremism and the cause of sharia openly.


 The truth is that for a Christian, either of the above is bad and should not be supported. The next question then is: faced now between these two choices what are the options available to a Nigeria Christian?

  1. Choose to abstain from voting-This option is not recommended for obvious reasons, as Christians cannot complain if the wrong leader is elected because we refused to vote.
  2. Vote Buhari who is a Muslim and who definitely will promote Islamic agenda one way or another-This option too at the moment is not the right one and must be jettison by Christians campaigning for Buhari.
  3. Vote Jonathan who obviously has not performed to the satisfaction of the Nigerians-Jonathan got it all wrong from the start. He had wanted 2nd term from the very beginning but failed to depend on God and settle down to carry out the task for which he was elected. However, he is the best options for Christians in the country at the moment. 

Carefully pray about the options for God's revelation on how you should cast your vote come February. 


Will Jonathan perform if given the opportunity again to be president of Nigeria?

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