My sincere thanks to all my Facebook – friends…families…well-wishers…etc. the many who had given me the opportunity to share my “FOOD FOR THOUGHT” and to d reading and enduring of some of my profound dialogue…I say THANK U.


First and foremost, I want to thank Vanguard Community (social networking) for creating an environment for (U & I) us to be able to express our frustrations concerning almost everything in our lives… D good…d bad…d ugly!


The network has inspired me after (reluctantly) years of contemplating to join from first day of filing the friend request. It turns out to be a serene that I can’t do without visiting at least two times in a week. Hmmmn! A new hobby if I may… To God be d glory!


As we are about to begin a new year… 01/ 01/ 2013:

Let us learn (once again) to forget about yesterday…because it’s gone!

Let us learn (once again) to think about now…d present – Today, because it’s d present!

Let us learn (once again) not to dwell on what we cannot change!

Let us learn (once again) to accept our present situation as a challenge…journey...and a stepping stone!

Let us learn (once again) how to create a life that fulfills our greatest dreams!

Let us learn (once again) how…to design a program to get around each challenge…conflicts…difficulties…etc.!

Let us learn (once again) to be (always) thankful!

Let us learn (once again) not to be contemptuous…disrespectful!


Let us learn (once again)to work our way( day-to-day practice) knowing that sometimes life might be painful and often unfair…to know what’s really going on inside us can be very difficult, but it’s also invigorating, and the reward of being able to survive (another 365 days…coming 2014) are enormous.


…”May d Lord Almighty make descend a full table cloth from heaven for each and every one of us and that may turn out the day (happy day) from our predecessors and those who follow us may it be a sign from thee. And bestow on us live hood thou art the greatest giver of livelihood” Amen.


To God be d glory!!!

In Allah…ya yarda!!!

Ope lo’yeru…

Baba ‘Modupe ore ana…’2012’


Thank U for all d blessings in 2012…

Thank U for the good life… in terms of being able to get up (every morning) and can’t wait (graciously) to start everything all over again…again!




As always;


(Ahimsa) advocates

Prince (Arc.) F.K.O.Bakare

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Comment by lovenaomi on April 18, 2013 at 11:50am


my name is miss Naomi female single never married ,i became interested when i saw your profile.please for more about me email me( [email protected] ),so that i will send you my picture,also i have good thing to share whit you,
thanks yours regard
( Naomi ).

reply to ([email protected])

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