2011: S’East Govs on their Own, Say Igbo Leaders

2011: S’East Govs on their Own, Say Igbo Leaders

From Christopher Isiguzo in Enugu, 07.12.2010

Less than two weeks after the five governors of the South-east states formally excluded themselves from contesting the 2011 presidential poll, prominent leaders of the zone made up of Ohaneze leaders, pro-democracy and human rights activists yesterday came down hard on the governors, insisting that they were on their own.

They noted that the governors only barred themselves, stressing that every qualified person from the zone who has either a presidential or vice presidential ambition is free to join the race and would not be stopped by anybody. They maintained that time had come for the Igbos to chart a new course for themselves especially as the nation prepares for the next general election.

Would it not be more beneficial for indigbo to wait until they can present a formidable candidate with the relevant credentials to win the presidency.

Jumping into the fray now, with the likes of orji uzor kalu will do more damage to the image of the igbo man than good and will further ridicule us in the eyes of the world, or are we still counting on Ikemba Nnewi to run again.

I believe that this is the time to concentrate on forging alliances while we take stock and concentrate on developing our bases to the full extent of the resources available to us.

As terrible as it sounds, an igbo presidential candidate now can simply not be taken seriously in the present scheme of things.

If per chance the zoning thing is dead, and even if it is not, will somebody please ask Fashola to pick up the forms!

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