20+ Silly Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Efforts of English Essay Writing

Writing an English essay is an exciting academic task that students receive. English is a language that can bring together all the people across the world. It is the only language that can break all your dreams of scoring an A+ in your essay. Wondering how? Make a silly mistake and ta-da! Your essay is rejected even without a second thought. 
Sounds scary? Yes, it is. Thus, it becomes important to think of several ways to eliminate your every silly mistake. 

In this scenario, you can consider going through this article where the best online English essay writing help experts have highlighted 20+ silly mistakes that can ruin your efforts. It will help you know all the areas you need to work on and how you can avoid making silly mistakes.


20+ Silly Mistakes 

  1. Too many blank spaces between sentences and words.
  2. Confused between two similar words having the same pronunciation. For instance, write and right.
  3. Incorrect sentence fragmenting in the content.
  4. Capitalization mistakes
  5. Writing some paragraphs very long and others short.
  6. Underestimating the importance of word-count.
  7. Improper structure and formatting of different sections of the essay.
  8. Writing vague information in any of the sections of the essay.
  9. Stretching the sentence way too long unnecessarily.
  10. Continuously delaying the work over the deadline.
  11. Unidentified interruptions (No commas and apostrophes).  
  12. Submitting the final draft without doing editing and proofreading.
  13. Choosing a topic, you are not interested in.
  14. Completely relying on online sources while writing the English essay.
  15. Including inadequate facts and shreds of evidence.
  16. Selecting a broad or very narrow topic for English essay writing.
  17. Not starting the essay writing early.
  18. ‘Me’ as the first word and ‘I’ as the last word in any sentence.
  19. Not using a hyphen between words.
  20. Lack of systematic arrangement.
  21. Not taking an English essay writing task seriously.


All these different types of silly mistakes in English essay writing can cost you a huge loss. An essay is an important academic task that should be compelling to impress your professor in one-go. So, it is always advisable to check for all these silly mistakes and make sure your essay content is completely error-free before you submit it. If you are not good at editing and proofreading, you can seek essay help at affordable price to make your document completely flawless.


Summary: This article presents 20+ silly mistakes that ruin English essay writing and results in securing bad grades.


Author’s Bio:  Lucifer has been working with Global Assignment Help Australia for the past 3 years as an academic writer. He provides essay writing service to students who struggle with their academic writing tasks. He has done a Ph. D. in Literature and has written many scholarly articles for renowned websites and is well-versed in every concept related to the English subject. He loves spending time with friends and family in his leisure time.

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