2 Unique Benefits that a Profession AV Control Solution Provides

Currently, it seems like everyone is focused on the internet of things. Whether it is in grocery stores, cars, or appliances, everything seems to work together. However, one area this has lacked is in offices. Neets, a young upstart company, hopes to change that with their revolutionary products that you can see here.

These AV control solutions make meetings much more effective. We think that the best way to explain how is by showing 2 of its unique benefits.

Take Control of the Room

Wouldn’t it be more impactful if you had total control of a meeting space? Well, that is what a professional AV control solution provides. With a solution through Neets, every controllable aspect of the room can be managed through a singular device.

The lights, the doors, the temperature, the sound, the video… whatever goes into it can all be managed by an av control solution. That is what makes these devices so awesome. They have the ability to take a room full of a bunch of individual items and connect them as one. No more fumbling around for the right cord or remote. Everything will always be exactly where you need it.

Elevate the Meeting Experience

Instead of going over a basic text slide, what if you had an interactive whiteboard to show people in real time? Or, what if you could seamlessly switch between audio and visual channels to show multiple pieces of information effectively?

Well, with a professional control solution, all that and more is possible. Control solutions provided by Neets do not just simplify the meeting room, they elevate it. Moreover, Neets has a custom-made software with many different unique applications to enhance any meeting. With their devices and support, your meeting room becomes a lot more autonomous.

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