By: Bisi Adewale
Many things guys base marital decisions upon are very funny a times very foolish,and it has led into a life time of regret for many guys. let examine and burst them one by one:
1: CURVE: they ask,is she figure 8,If you marry her for her figure 8 will she maintain that when she become pregnant? never,it may even turn to figure 96
2: SIZE: they ask is she "Lepa" (slim)they are crazy about Lepa. After giving birth to the first baby,what happen? it will be as if you took her to a vulcanized to pump her up.
Stop fooling yourself,that Lepa (slim) girl will later look like her orobo (fat) mum,if you don't like the present look of her mum,you better don't marry her.
3: BIG BUTT: very foolish,how will you choose a girl because she has big buttocks,this is even an heavy load to her, big but is just a big sewage disposal unit, a gigantic toilet,a magnificent septic tank,is that what you want to marry? Wise up guys.
4: POINTED OR BIG BREAST: will they remain pointed after raising three children,never. Don't choose for bre*st choose for the BEST
5: TOOTH GAP: 'Eji Jo rice'. Funny, you want to marry a lady without character just because she has a gap in her tooth,she may end up creating gap and holes in your life in your life and destiny.
6: SEXY DRESSER: a great woman will dress to look beautiful not to look sexy,if you see a sausage or sweet whose nylon has been remove will you buy it,if she is exposing her breast,cleavage, pants,thigh etc for the world to see and you want to marry her,you will not marry a "PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY" but a "PUBLIC LIABILITY COMPANY" Be a wise guy.
7: CAT WALKING: you want to marry her because she is cat walking,sorry you won't she that in marriage she will not cat walk in Pregnancy,she will only Tummy walk.
8: RICH PARENTS: So you are a gold digger, if you marry her because of her rich parents and her parents begin to feed you and your family you are not a Man, please guy,stop wearing trousers go and be wearing Skirt and blouse and don't forget be a Mrs.
9: BRAZILIAN HAIR: you want her because her hair is long or because she is wearing Brazilian hair? that shows shallowness,wearing Brazilian hair does not equate beauty or brain,any dunce can have long hair and do one million braid.
10: BRITISH AND US PASSPORT: Many guys are looking for these, any lady that carry British or US Passport is hot cake to Men who are generation of Esau,who are ready to sell their future and destiny for a morsel of bread.
11: BEAUTY: a whole lots of beautiful ladies are without discretion,don't ever marry a lady just for her beauty,beauty will fade,character will last,if she dress well but do not act well don't marry her,if you do she will make your life miserable.
12: BED EXPERTISE: "She is very good in bed,very hot,very acrobatic" that was what a guy told his mentor who ask him why he wanted to marry a lady who kept on cheating on him and embarrassing and abusing his mother. Funny as it is, many guys are making long life decision base on this. I think getting married to a professional prostitute that will destroy your life will be better if bedroom high jump,long jump and gymnastic is what you want to base your life upon.

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Comment by salami ismail opeyemi on July 17, 2015 at 7:18am

nice post...

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