10 Ways Text Message can Improve in Educational System In Nigeria

Right from my earlier school, over 40% of parents survey during PTA meetings said, text message is the most effective digital communication tools. It was a big jump to 85% of parents surveyed in 2017.

Why Text Message is important for School Communications?

Nowadays, most of school activities are being passed to parents or guardians through email newsletter, facebook post, and whatsapp messages. Incredibly, 54% of parents are very busy working outside the home, and lack reliable internet access. That alone can cause a big damage to such parents. Preferable to the alternative, important information’s can easily push to parent’s mobile device through text message. As text message does not require internet access and easily sent to almost anyone with a cell phone.  

How to improve your school communication by text messaging.

Sms messaging is paying a big tax to school’s communication in a number of ways:

  1. School Emergency Alerts.  Text message makes it simple and fantastic for everyone to know when school will be open or closed. Because most of student spend their holidays with their loved once and face a lot of enjoyment, such person can easily be remind about school opening through text message. 
  2. Time Reminders. Did you know that text messaging is very effective when it comes to sensitive issues such as deadlines to fill out registration forms, event cancellations? Text message is one of the biggest tools to pass such sensitive issues.
  3. School Fees Payment Links. In our higher institutions today, text message helps school management to pass school fees payment links for things like school admission programs, computer labs to student or guardians cell phones, as most of student have form the habit of doubling their school fees to give parents much load and cost bad record to school management.
  4. Take Surveys. In our education system today it an obvious that calling parents for PTA meeting is a big harm to their work shops. Want to know what parents’ top issues are? Ask them to text a keyword to school sms shortcode.
  5. School Supply List. Parents have a lot of activities running on their mind at a time, they may forget school supply list when shopping. Text message makes it easy for them to take their school supply list written bold on their mobile device.
  6. Recruitment. If your school requires marketing to prospective families, text messaging can be used to recruit. Distribute links to your school’s information page or collect leads for your recruiters to follow up on.
  7. Student Communications. Nowadays, most of students can spend half of their night chatting on social Medias and may not check their emails very often, but they won’t ignore the nose of a text message.
  8. Staff Updates. In education system, parents and students aren’t the only ones that need to notify with about school update. Use text messaging to remind staff about important meetings.
  9. Motivating Educational Tips. Updating parents regularly, through text message can help them increase parental involvement at home and school. Send exercises parents can do with their kids at home and see significant improvement.
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