1. You are empowered for productivity. Don’t allow your present state to
confuse you.

2. Learn to identify a problem arising. These problems show up when you
are anointed

3. Learn to analyze problems properly. Proper diagnosis will help your
preparation. If you don’t understand, you will not know how to handle

4. Develop the right needed skill to be more effective.

5. Be prepared at all times preparation meets opportunity!

6. Be visible – if you are not known, you cannot be appreciated or paid.
Stop hiding, stop being overly humble. Be always willing to help out in
your area of gifting and be deliberate about it.

7. Be courageous – Goliath are to be confronted all the time. They are
not to scare you.

8. Be prudent – know what to do, how to do it and when to do it.

9. Good physical appearance – people are attracted more to beauty and

10. Divine presence consciousness helps you to be optimistic and possess
the feeling of favor


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